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FM23: What makes a good Raumdeuter?

The word Raumdeuter was coined in a football sense by Bayern Munich forward Thomas Muller to describe his unique attacking role. The word essentially translates to “space investigator”, and is best used to define the German’s effective role when exploiting the half-space.

A Raumdeuter’s main function is to drift infield and find pockets of space in which to thrive. When deploying any wide player as a Raumdeuter you are essentially instructing them to cut inside and exploit the channel, rather than staying out wide and stretching the pitch.

The Raumdeuter is not overly concerned with defensive matters, and will often drift in and out of matches, so it’s best to have a solid foundation behind him. He will also be producing a large portion of the goals, so avoid overloading your frontline. The Raumdeuter usually pops up in one place where no players are marking.

Find out more about the Raumdeuter by watching the video below


To better understand the type of role a raumdeuter plays, one should know that it can closely be related to a ‘False 9′ or even a ‘sweeper attacker’ which is the opposite of a sweeper defender. The intrinsic factor to these roles is their nature of being flexible. This somewhat defines Thomas Muller’s role at FC Bayern Munich and from the times when he played for the German national team as well.

Players that are deployed as raumdeuter are neither the fastest nor most technically gifted, but they thrive on their ability to interpret spaces differently than other attackers, have exceptional first-touch control and first-touch finishing and top-class aerial ability.

Raumdeuter on Football Manager

Football manager describes the raumdeuter as a player whose main role is to find pockets of space in which to operate. Essentially a wide poacher, the Raumdeuter takes up seemingly harmless positions out wide. They wait for the opportune moment to burst through the defensive line for that telling shot or cross.

Despite being referred to as a wide poacher, the raumdeuter does not often push high up the pitch, often being ready to break the offside trap. Instead, he looks for spaces in all directions and might drop deep, move inwards like the inverted winger, or push high.

Player Traits for a Raumdeuter

  1. Moves into channels – Moving into channels is hardcoded in the raumdeuter role, but having this player trait increases the frequency in which they does so.
  2. Gets Forward Whenever Possible – The raumdeuter should pick and choose his moments to get forward or hold back, however, this player trait guarantees he will always be near the opposition’s 18-yard box.
  3. Gets Into Opposition Area – This is normally not an issue when strikers are playing in their usual roles. But when deployed as raumdeuters, encouraging them to get inside the box is effective in increasing the team’s goal threat.
  4. Plays one twos – Playing one twos increases the tempo the team is playing at, and might be useful in unsettling the opposition’s defence.

Raumdeuter Player Instructions


Raumdeuter Key Attributes

  • Finishing
  • Anticipation
  • Composure
  • Concentration
  • Decisions
  • Off the Ball
  • Balance

Desireable attributes

  • First Touch
  • Technique
  • Work Rate
  • Acceleration
  • Stamina

Desirable Player Traits

  • Moves into channels
  • Places shots
  • Gets into opponents Area
  • Tries first time shots

Recommended Raumdeuters on FM23

NamePositionCurrent ClubNationalityAge
Kevin De BruyneM (RLC), AM (C)Man CityBEL30
Karim BenzemaST (C)Real MadridFRA34
Mohamed SalahAM (RL), ST (C)LiverpoolEGY30
Sadio ManéAM (RLC), ST (C)FC BayernSEN30
Bernardo SilvaM/AM (RC)Man CityPOR27
Phil FodenAM (RLC)Man CityENG22
Gabriel JesusAM (RL), ST (C)ArsenalBRA25
Marco ReusAM (RLC), ST (C)Borussia DortmundGER33
Luis DíazAM (L)LiverpoolCOL25
RodrygoAM (RL), ST (C)Real MadridBRA21
Arkadiusz MilikST (C)JuventusPOL28
Diogo JotaAM (RL), ST (C)LiverpoolPOR25
Pablo SarabiaM (RL), AM (RLC)PSGESP30
Sergio CanalesM/AM (C)BetisESP31
Christopher NkunkuM/AM (RLC)RB LeipzigFRA24
Mikel OyarzábalAM (RLC)Real SociedadESP25
EvanilsonST (C)FC PortoBRA22
Alexis SánchezST (C)MarseilleCHI33
Patrik SchickST (C)Bayer LeverkusenCZE26
Leandro TrossardWB/M (L), AM (LC), ST (C)BrightonBEL27
Charles De KetelaereM/AM (C), ST (C)MilanBEL21
Dominic Calvert-LewinST (C)EvertonENG25
OtávioM (RC), AM (RLC)FC PortoPOR27
Zinedine FerhatM/AM (R)AlanyasporALG29
Takefusa KuboM (R), AM (C)Real SociedadJPN21
TetêM/AM (R)LyonBRA22
Nicolás GonzálezAM (RL), ST (C)FiorentinaARG24
AlanST (C)FluminenseCHN32
Tjaronn CheryM (R), AM (RC)Maccabi HaifaSUR34
Denis SuárezM (C), AM (LC)CeltaESP28
Lukas NmechaST (C)WolfsburgGER23
Martin BraithwaiteAM (RL), ST (C)EspanyolDEN31
Curtis JonesM (C), AM (LC)LiverpoolENG21
Danny IngsST (C)Aston VillaENG29
Gabriel MartinelliAM (RL), ST (C)ArsenalBRA21
Odsonne EdouardAM (L), ST (C)Crystal PalaceFRA24
Alexander SørlothST (C)Real SociedadNOR26
Borja MayoralST (C)GetafeESP25
Luis SinisterraM/AM (RL)LeedsCOL23
Stephan El ShaarawyM/AM (L)RomaITA29
Rachid GhezzalAM (RC)BeşiktaşALG30
Nuno SantosWB/M/AM (L)Sporting CPPOR27
Rafa MirST (C)SevillaESP25
Giacomo RaspadoriAM (LC), ST (C)NapoliITA22
Denis CheryshevM/AM (L)VeneziaRUS31
Carlos ViníciusST (C)FulhamBRA27
Gabriel BarbosaST (C)FlamengoBRA25
Jacob RamseyM/AM (C)Aston VillaENG21
Kelechi IheanachoAM (C), ST (C)LeicesterNGA25
José CallejónM/AM (R)GranadaESP35

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