Ruining English Football! – Part 1

This article is slightly different, its not a guide or a save, but an experiment. I’ve done this a few times and had varying success but I’m trying it again this year. The basis of the experiment is:

  • Every team in the Premier League and Championship is given a 50 year transfer embargo
  • I will view do progress updates at 10/25/50 years
  • I will look at the English Leagues, National team, European Competitions and then any other big news in the world.
  • I will make the save playable from every point I do an article for.

So after the first season, here are the standings from the top 4 leagues:

1st Season

Notice Sunderland getting relegated, and the 3 teams that got promoted from League 1!

Also in the first season:

  • Arsenal won the Europa League
  • Liverpool and Chelsea won the FA Cup and Carabao Cup respectively

Now lets do a little simulating… and see whats changed!

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Mason’s Comeback – FM18 #1


Mason Bradshaw (far right) started his management career at just 24

Mason Bradshaw shocked the world last year when he announced at just the tender age of 24, he was to start managing – and he proved the critics wrong by managing in Scottish Ladbrokes League 2 as Stirling boss (although he did only last 10 games) before finishing his career at Ards, before retiring from management due to personal circumstances, since being revealed due to his fiancee being pregnant with twins… now Mason is back!

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FM18 Regen Guide Part 1: Countries and Clubs

Many football manager players will spend countless hours searching the obscure leagues for the perfect regens and young players, as part of this guide I will be showing you how to speed up that process, find better players and look in some surprising places.


This is actually something I made back in 2015, highlighting my favourite players from that years edition, the different between the real players and regens if fairly noticeable.

For those unaware, in football manager players will naturally retire due to old age in game. To compensate for this players are brought into each clubs youth academy on certain days each season. In older versions of the game the date was fixed but in later editions the date seems to fluctuate each year, for most European clubs its around early March. The players brought in are often referred to as ‘Regens’ or ‘Newgens’ due to their computer image.

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Brilliant Brighton Season 1 Part 4: I Believe in Miracles!

So last time out we we’re knocked out of the cup by Chelsea, but things were on the up! Ever since I’ve been doing really well, some fantastic results against Everton and Man City! The Man City game was actually incredible, I jumped out of my seat and did a victory lap around my room. Obviously some other results which didn’t quite go my way, notably the West Brom and Leicester games which I feel we could have picked up points in. Also the inclusion of TV Revenue is really helping the clubs finances and I’m hoping that it will give me a nice transfer budget for the summer.

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Lets head to South America – Venezuela


I’m the boss now.

Some players don’t like meeting new faces whether it be players, manager or coaches. That was the welcome I received when I strolled up to training the day after being officially appointed to take charge. The players didn’t take too me, they had a very positive relationship with the previous Head Coach so naturally, when I was appointed things looked very different. I’m unproven, untested and untried, but somehow I’m the new Head Coach.

I’d been tasked with the challenge of taking the team through the playoff system to win the Copa Tracki, not just that competition though, we also had the Copa Venezuela Final to deal with on top of that. The players, although unhappy, gave it everything in the final stretch of training sessions. They knew how important it was to win the league for the first time since 1985 & so did I.

Player stats.

  • Top Goalscorer – Over Garcia (47)
  • Highest Average Rating – Yeferson Velazco (7.72)
  • Most Assists – Yeferson Velazco (23)
  • Best Pass Completion – Richard Ruiz (94%)
  • Most player of the match awards – Over Garcia (15)
  • Most Yellows – Juan Paez (19)
  • Most Reds – Danilo Ferreria (2)
  • Fans player of the season – Yeferson Velazco (42%)
  • Goal of the season – Jose Yeguez
  • Signing of the season – Over Garcia (Free Transfer)
  • Young player of the season – Andris Herrera


Over Garcia

Over Garcia signed for us at the beginning of the year & he has been simply fantastic, his contract expires at the end of the month & we’re yet to offer him a new deal although his agent has signalled that he isn’t prepared to start negotiations as he chases a big move to Brazil. Yeferson Velazco has been another good signing, his influence off the ball was superb and to top it off with 23 assists is fantastic, Yeferson is a key player for my plan next year as we enter the 2018 Copa Libertadores & test ourselves against some of the biggest clubs in south america.


Yeferson Velazco

We have 23 players off contract from next month & not many of them are prepared to sign a new deal which worries me. I’ve had some reports from our Under 20’s coach who’s gave me some advice and options to add to the squad by dipping into our youth academy. Several players are ready to make the jump to the first team, but I’ll be making sure they fit into my plans during pre-season.

Pre Season Planning

While we work had during our training session, our Scouting Network are working hard to add quality to our already talented side. Lots of quality is available without a fee, however need atleast 12 new signings to compete in the Copa Libertadores, the biggest competition in South America. The board are expecting us to reach the Group Stage so we have to work incredibly hard to make it through the qualifiers, I believe we can cause some big upsets during this competition.


Copa Libertadores Group!

The draw for the Libertadores was slightly unkind on us. We’ve been drawn against Millionarios of Colombia, Nacional of Uruguay & lastly, Palmeiras of Brazil so it’s a tough task but I believe in my squad to get the job done. I honestly believe we can beat all of the teams we’ve been drawn against, I know it won’t be easy but we’re assembling quite the squad.



  • Salomao – Sao Raimundo (RR) – £14.5K
  • Renatinho Silva – America (MG) – £1.7K
  • Ganso – Cliper – £6.75K
  • Andres Arboleda – Jaguares FC – £7K


Andres Arboleda

  • Francisco Vega – Juan Aurich – £41.5K
  • Claudio Pombo – Free Transfer
  • Samuel Cacares – Free Transfer


Samuel Cacares

  • Isael – Free Transfer
  • Emanuel Bilbao – Free Transfer

The clubs ambition

  • Copa Tracki – Finish in the top 3
  • Copa Venezuela – Win the Cup
  • Copa Libertadores – Don’t get outclassed in the group

We open our Copa Tracki Open Stage campaign against Atletico El Vigia FC who’re expected to finish 15th, the newly promoted side are currently 1000-1 to finish top & they look more likely to struggle. We’ve been listed as an expected 8th placed finish, although we’ll be looking for a much higher placed finish than that.

We open our campaign in three days time, the squad are ready & they’ve been working very, very hard during pre-season. Over Garcia came to me during pre-season and asked for a move away, I’ve told him to use this Libertadores campaign to put himself in the window & if a suitable offer comes in, then we’ll consider it. The problem with that is in Venezuela, no one scores goals like he does, he’s a player that would be incredibly hard to replace.

As for the Libertadores, the board have asked for us not to be out classed, I’ve told the lads to go on and win in, we’re a small team in comparison to most others in the competition but we have the passion and pride, our fans deserve it more than anything else.

Opening day

Atletico El Vigia – Estudiantes De Merida

Ramon “Gato” Hernandez Stadium

Our stating XI

  1. GK – Emanuel Bilbao
  2. RB – Ismael Paez
  3. CB – Samuel Caceres
  4. CB – Andres Arboleda
  5.  LB – Jose Yeguez
  6.  CM – Yeferson Velazco
  7.  CM – Juan Paez
  8.  AMR – Rodrigo Castro
  9.  AMC – Francisco Vega
  10.  AML – Jesus Vargas
  11.  ST – Over Garcia

Pre Match Build Up

“Merida are looking like favourites to everyone in the stadium, newly promoted Atletico will struggle to keep pace with Over Garcia. We see 5 debutants for Merida & it’ll be interesting to see how they fare. Looking over to Atletico, they struggled for signings during the off season so manager Dario Martinez uses the same line up from the last game that secured them promotion to the top flight. We’ve got hold of Merida manager in the tunnel, lets see what he has to say.”

“Dario, you are looking to carry on where you left off last season, how do you think you’ll do?”

“Obviously I’m confident that we will win, we are using a similar system to last year and you saw how effective that was under the previous manager.”

“What have you said to the guys in the changing rooms?”

“I’ve told them to go out and play our game. We’ve got to start on the front foot, make ourselves known & show Atletico that they are in for a real game here today.”

“Thanks, Dario. Good luck today.”

Before the game, you would never have thought that Atletico would’ve had 70% possession would you? But they did & they still came away with no points. It was a rather strange day game with the 70% of the game being played in the Merida half, however both of Meridas goals came from classic counter attacks, new signing Francisco Vega scoring a classy shot from the edge of the box, looking up and putting it right into the top corner. His second came from a shot from 7 yards which curled past the Atletico keeper.

Final Score

Atletico 1 – 2 Merida