FM19 | Moneyball | Part 4

After my first full season in the Premier League, we are back with another instalment of Moneyball. Last season we finished 15th, with data driven signings making a bit of an impact. This time around we’ll be taking a quick look at my scouting process, as well as all the ins and outs this summer, and preview the upcoming season.

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Dictate the Game Podcast 010 | How to Prepare for Promotion in FM 19 + Using PPM to Get The Most Out of Your Tactics

Join us on the DtG Podcast cast this week as Eric, Guy, and Ihor break down how to alter your tactics in a safe way when getting promoted to a higher league without losing what got you there.

Plus, do you use PPM’s to maximize your tactics? Ihor talks about his Dictate the Game Article this past week on using One Two’s to achieve success in a 4-2-3-1.

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Football Manager 2019 Guides | Finding the right tactic for your team

In Football Manager 2019, I’ve predominantly focused on creating guides, instead of a story or tactical recreations. However, this article will be a combination of guides and tactics; a guide on tactics.

The beta showed us the new tactical overhaul

Now in my previous article on training (that can be found here:)


In Step 1, I talk about building your tactic first, and then your training. I decided to link a few articles from the site for good tactics to use, but what if you want something more creative? What if you wanted to create a new tactic or something unique?

In this article I’ll talk you through how to create a tactic from scratch, from player instructions to mentalities and hopefully it all ties in with the training article and everything becomes a bit easier!

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FM19 Advanced Tactical Primer – Improving 4-2-3-1 Possession Tactic via One-Twos

I have been playing Football Manager since 2013 and year after year I still see the same questions pop up regarding Player Preferred Moves (PPMs or also known as Player Traits). Why do they not work how they should? My player has “Plays with back to the goal” but I never see him receiving passes and holding up the ball? How come my centreback with “Brings Ball out of Defence” does not dribble into the midfield? The game engine must be broken right? Wrong, what you see is the divergence between what his role is instructing him (including any idiosyncratic traits he possess) and the general team and/or individual player instructions. This guide will examine some popular Player Traits and explain how they can work together and be applied to a typical 4-2-3-1 tactic to enhance overall possession and scoring.

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5 Teams To Manage on FM19 using TheFMEditor’s Updated Database

With transfers already happening all over the World and databases being created daily, it’s time we discussed teams to try on Football Manager using TheFMEditor’s database.

I have seen a lot of tweets recently saying they are bored of this years FM and can’t really get in to a save, I hope this article can reignite that spark with Football Manager and you can enjoy the game before the new one releases.

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Livin’ the Dream | FM19 Story | FFA Cup Semi Final

Livin’ the Dream is the third and final installment following the journey of Mason Bradshaw’s football manager career. His most recent role was with Braintree Town FC, in the Vanarama South, where he managed to keep them up. He’s now down under managing Sydney FC, living on the harbour with his wife Sophie, and young daughter, April.

In this article, we will see Mason play three games, we will also hear from him about a big announcement regarding him and his wife, Sophie, plus Dan Smith, a local reporter, dishes out a transfer rumour about a potential signing.

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Corners in FM19: How to maximise your chances without needing tall players.



Scoring from set pieces has always been one of my club’s philosophies. Why not tick that box? It can give you extra credit and doesn’t come in the place of another philosophy. Surely, banging in loads of set pieces is doable if you spend a bit of time on your tactic?

It can be hard in some circumstances.

You might like to buy younger players. You might prefer more technical or creative players than meatheads who call themselves footballers. The simple answer might just be that these are all excuses and nothing is working for you.

I know you might feel like set pieces don’t need the attention in your save. Maybe, you’re winning enough games anyway. But you shouldn’t be going a few games without scoring any goals from set pieces and you shouldn’t be scared whenever the opposition has a set piece. Continue reading