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Four Ways to Enjoy FM23

With the impending full launch of Football Manager 2023 coming up, there are numerous ways for players to enjoy playing their favourite saves. However, there seems to be constant debates online among players about the proper way to play the game, which has a definitive answer. Sometimes, this can put people off, especially new players, because of their saves being dismissed as unimpressive. So let us explore the four ways players (old and new) can enjoy playing FM23.

1. “You can’t cheat at the game”

This statement above create the biggest arguments online, as some players state you shouldn’t cheat at the game to be successful. This can include using the FM editor; downloading tactics or adding managers to other clubs to buy their players cheaply, among other things. The question I have here is: who cares?

For many players, they like to play the game casually, due to time constraints or wanting to take their favourite team to success. Using the editor or even downloading tactics may save them time or help them enjoy the game more, which is perfectly acceptable. The vast majority of players are fine with this, but arguments still crop up, which is never pleasant to see. Letting players enjoy Football Manager how they see fit is part of the fun and varies out saves for everyone.

Building a tactic from scratch; using presets or downloading them? Whichever one makes you happy and have fun with the game.

Saying that, please do not brag heavily about winning the Champions League if using any of the above methods to everyone. That is part of what makes other players annoyed, which does not help.

2. Enjoy playing as whichever club you want.

Following on from my last point, we refer back to the casual gamer. Many players are happy to play as their favourite club and take them to glory. This may be their only save of the year for some people. Regardless, some players claim this type of save is not challenging enough, but again I ask: who cares?

As an Arsenal fan, the club is usually a save I do for each new version of Football Manager, or when I play casually when I’m not streaming or recording videos. They are a club with players I am familiar with, which many players prefer. To dismiss this type of save goes against why Football Manager exists: to allow players to take their favourite clubs to glory!

Picking a top club to play as is usually a great way to get familiar with Football Manager.

A lot of this is in reference to the top clubs around the world, such as Manchester City and Bayern Munich, which many players will be familiar with. If you enjoy taking over top teams on Football Manager, go for it. Your enjoyment of the game is more important than other players being impressed with the success you have on it.

3. A Variety of Save Challenges

As mentioned above, some players may be comfortable with a particular save. For others, they may get bored of certain clubs or leagues after a while and become disillusioned with the game. It is a shame when this happens, because the game stops being fun. Does this sound like you if you played previously?

If so, it may be time for a new challenge and luckily in the Football Manager universe, there are plenty! From finding another country and league to designated challenges, such as a Road to Glory; Journeyman save or the growing popularity of a Pentagon Challenge. There are a variety of ways to challenge yourself and have fun with FM23, if you wish to explore these avenues.

Throw in the challenge of reviving a Fallen Giant (such as 1860 Munich in Germany above) and there are hours, days and months of fun in FM23 for you.

If anything, just choosing a new club or league in a different country could see you fall in love with a new club or their players. As players, who doesn’t want that in their save?

4. Match Engine Graphics are Fine

This one is a recent development in the build up to Football Manager 2023, as many players on Twitter mentioned the lack of development in match engine graphics over the last few years. This does beg one question: are you truly playing the game for the graphics?

Football Manager is a simulation that is used even by professional managers and football scouts. The fact we have a simulation this crisp and detailed is amazing to witness. Couple this with what feels to be crisper game play as the match is going on (more realistic goalkeeping and interceptions being made), there is more to Football Manager than better looking graphics could give us.

My thoughts summed up in one Tweet.

It is important to remember Football Manager is not FIFA games, as this is an alternative. I believe you will get more enjoyment with everything else in-game (including the headline features) without worrying about how the graphics look. This may be something that Sports Interactive could develop in future years anyway (if they are not already).


The point of this article is the game is meant to be played how YOU want to play it. How YOU believe you will enjoy it. Everyone has different ways of enjoying a game, with Football Manager being no different. Whether you are playing as a top club; using the FM Editor to adjust things in-game or taking on a unique save challenge, have as much fun with FM23 as possible.


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