How to make your team a goal-scoring machine around a false nine in FM19

Number 9.png

You want to know how to score goals?

Most people would show you their 4-3-3, spearheaded by an advanced forward or poacher. Those guys don’t get in my team. I don’t know about you, but if I try using a tactic that I would never set up manually, it never works. It might work for a few games, but then problems arise, and I don’t know how to fix them. Continue reading


Wide players in FM19: How to harness them in your ball-hogging side

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Like watching your wingers bomb up and down the touchline, getting crosses in? Or your full-back beguiling the entire opposition, manoeuvring his way into the box unmarked? Well stop reading right here.

We’re looking for passing and moving, people. No player can move without passing first.

That’s how I developed this spectacular tactical system.

WBA tacticDid you think any of that was true? It couldn’t have been further. Continue reading