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How to make FM19 interesting, with FM20 just around the corner

We all find ourselves in that slump, so here’s how to make FM19 more exciting…

How to make FM19 interesting - Source - The Express
How to make FM19 interesting - Source - The Express

Every summer, we usually find ourselves asking the same question; this year it is ‘How to make FM19 interesting?’ Each year, there comes a time when many Football Manager fans find the game growing a little tiresome. Usually after having sunk hundreds of hours into the annual title. This year, I’ve racked up around 400 hours on FM19 across various versions. I have found myself in that slump more than once. Therefore, my only have been taking a little break or finding a way to keep it interesting.

For this reason, I’d like to share some knowledge with you. FM20, despite the new season having kicked off, will likely not be available for another couple of months yet. So, without further ado, here is my take on how to make FM19 interesting again.


Challenges- How to keep FM19 interesting

Anyone who’s played the mobile version of FM before will be familiar with the ‘challenges’ mode. Here, the game presents you with a pre-determined set of scenarios, giving you a handicap of sorts. These increase the difficulty in a variety of creative ways. Some of these see you take over midway through a season plagued by injuries; others see the team you pick in a relegation-threatened position with only half the season left. Whatever the situation, it brings an extra dimension of challenge to the game.

Using the editor

Unfortunately, these challenges do not exist within the full version of the game. However, there are certain ways that you can recreate them. In fact, you can even create more interesting challenges of your own, considering the larger amount of options within. Additionally, you can use data packs downloaded from forums or the Steam workshop. These add more variety to your journey.

For example, you can try adding Serie D into the game and running a save with San Marino Calcio. SMC are a Sammarinese side playing in the Italian league system. You could then handicap yourself by only signing players with Sammarinese nationality. Similarly, you could run a save with Gerard Pique-owned FC Andorra. In that save, you sign only Andorran players. Alternatively, you could try your hand in the Gibraltar league; there, you’re only allowed to purchase Gibraltarian players. You get the idea.

There are many other challenges that you can partake in, here are a few other ideas to get you started:

  • You cannot use any players over the age of 29; once they hit 30 you must sell or release.
  • Limit yourself to just one player from a certain nationality in your starting XI; try making it as diverse as possible.
  • Only sign players that were born in the city your club plays in.
  • Move to a different club each summer without fail. Without fail. It doesn’t matter where or which league, but you must not manage the same club in two consecutive seasons.


The Editor and Data-Packs

A lot of people get overwhelmed at the very thought of the editor. However, it might just be what’s needed to ignite your interest in FM19 at this late stage.

Some dedicated souls have put together data-packs on various forums and the Steam workshop. These allow you to download all the latest transfers and league movements; something that can help you emulate the upcoming season in a close a way as possible. Transfer and league updates are not the only fascinating use of the editor, however. You can find various recreations of past leagues and past players in the workshop and forums too.

If you’re comfortable with the editor, in or out of the game, you can try adding yourself or friends. Throw yourself in the mix with high potential at a small club; afterwards, watch as you progress in the in-game world. If this doesn’t wet your appetite enough, you can add variations of your favourite footballers into the game too.

Either of these, in combination with a new skin, can really make the game feel new. This can get you over that summer slump which we so often find ourselves in when hooked on Football Manager.

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