DTG’s Day at SI Towers

Saturday 9th November 2019. Stratford, London. That was the date and place in our diaries….why? A trip to SI Towers for Ryan and Luke… what could possibly go wrong…?

The kitchen/bar

Four years since Dictate The Game first graced your screens – we’d be invited to the headquarters of Football Manager in Stratford, London. Luke and Ryan travelled from different ends of the country to be there. Not to mention, FM Samo and Inverted Wingbacks both travelled from Scotland, whilst Guido Merry travelled from Holland!

Ryan left from Chester train station at 8am – I had the easy journey as it only took me 50 mins to get to Stratford from Braintree train station. Around 12pm, me and Ryan had arranged to meet at the front of Stratford train station – however we couldn’t find either other….we were very confused.

All of a sudden, we realised I was in the wrong station! After a brief minute of confusion – and me trying to walk to the international train station instead of the Tube, we finally met for the first time in four years…

Getting to the towers….

After we both (finally) arrived in London safe and sound and were now together, our next job was to find the offices – which seemed easy right? Wrong. Very wrong.

Both of us didn’t really know where to go, so we put the postcode into Maps on our phone, and it was telling us to go back to the station – which is the only thing we knew wasn’t right. We relied on Katy aka InvertedWingbacks on giving us instructions on our Twitter group chat to get us there!

The Towers…

Upon our arrival at the offices, we were met by Dom Baker, who took us up to their offices on the third floor – which is like a bloody heaven!

The first room we went into was the kitchen/bar where we met the other guys, before we went on our office tour which was incredible. It’s honestly a FM players’ dream.

We also met Neil Brock and Seb Wassell who both spoke to us all, along with Dom and Tom, who were great hosts. Following some pizza and snacks for lunch, which were delicious, Tom and Dom gave us a presentation about the Byline, including future plans and the direction they plan to take it.

After this, we just chilled watching football, playing darts and pool. Along with some FM, obviously! Dom had to leave us around 6pm, but now it was time for dinner at a nearby restaurant…

The Meal

Luke and Ryan finally meeting after 4 years

The day was coming to a close, but not before a quick meal with the guys and Tom, so we headed down to a nearby restaurant called, Number 90, just five minutes stroll from the towers, however as it was pouring down with rain, this felt more like half an hour…

Upon arriving at the restaurant, we sat inside, but we couldn’t hear anything…. I thought Nando’s playing their music too loud was bad, this was ten times worse, not to mention the world’s shittest DJ! We decided we would go and sit outside, which was heated and covered.

After the meal and another round of drinks, we headed back to the towers to pick up our luggage, said thank and goodbye to Tom, then jumped into an Uber to our hotel for the night.

Our hotel was really nice, even if they got all our names wrong! Luke was Enn, Ryan was James and Katy was Michael!

Somewhere, I like to thank had “Welcome, Dictate the Game!”

After this, we got into our rooms, before heading down to the bar for a few drinks (including an alcoholic drink for tea-total Luke!) before calling a night after a long day.

Having a drink with the others. (L-R, Ryan Brown (DTG), FMSamo, FMGrasshopper
Out of shot: InvertedWingbacks and Guido Merry, oh and me!

We all met for breakfast the next day (apart from Guido who had to catch an early flight), before going our separate ways. Until next time!

Both I and Ryan really enjoyed the day, we’d like to thank Dom and Tom for being such good hosts, Seb and Neil for speaking to us, and of course all the other content creators who attended for making it such a great day! It was honestly a privilege to be invited down and get to meet such great people. 

Written by Luke Hume

Luke is the Assistant Manager at Dictate The Game, and he has been a trusted part of the team since joining in August 2016.

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