What If USA Had Pro/Rel | FM19 Experiment

The MLS is in its 22nd season, and the league is thriving better than ever. However, there are many leagues below it including the USL and PDL etc. What if they had a four-tier promotion and relegation system? We put it to FM19 and here’s what it thinks…

Will we see cup shocks? Who will win the league and who will be relegated?!

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The Football Factory | Part Four | Squad Planning

Football Factory Header

In order to build a squad which fits the Philosophy I spoke about in Part Two it is important to remember two things:-

  1. We still need to compete while I build this squad, which means no wholesale and sudden changes, and;
  2. It’s going to take time and patience to find the right players, especially with our current scouting setup.

With this in mind, I want to walk you through exactly how I plan on building and improving my squad over the next few seasons, and the tools that I’m using to help me get to where I want to be

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Football Manager 2019 Guides | Youth Development

With the new installment of Football Manager, everybody wants to become the best manager of all time. That will naturally take time in game and requires lots of effort from players. These guides will help you to accelerate this process whilst we do the leg-work for you and give you the best tips for 2019.


These guides on Youth Development will cover all areas of the game regarding producing young players. I plan to make a few of these articles as covering all the information in one article might be a bit overwhelming! I plan to make guides on the following topics and will link them as I complete them:

1. Introduction: Regens/Newgens and Youth Ratings for top Countries and Clubs.

2. Scouting: Youth Intakes, What to look for in young players and how to sign them.

3. Facilities: How to improve your facilities to maximize your youth academy.

3. Development: How to grow and develop young talent and knowing when to offload.

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Dynamo Project: Part 1



Hi my name is CrusaderTsar and I’ve been playing Football Manager since 2014 and been a long-time follower of this forum. I finally decided to dip my feet in and write a series following my first long-term save in FM 2019. I plan to start a somewhat open discussion of Dynamo Kiev club and my tactics. I intend to post regular updates on my squad and results as well as welcome feedback on how to improve my tactics and training. Continue reading

The Football Factory | Part 3 | The Setup

Football Factory Header

I spoke in Part Deux about a Philosophy which I want to implement at the club, focused around incisive play, good decisions and the Five Pillars’ of Strength, Determination, Decisions, Composure and Technique. As part of this philosophy, I have had to take some time to decide how to implement that philosophy at Red Star, and how I am going to recruit and develop our players in a way which models the youth systems I spoke about in Part One.

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Football Manager 2019 Guides | Bossing Pre-Season


With the new football manager season underway, we are going to be releasing a series of guides for Football Manager 2019. Throughout the year we will be giving you tips on everything from tactics and training, to scouting and youth intakes. For our first article, we’ll naturally start at the beginning: Pre-Season!


All of the guides will use this save. I am managing Arsenal because they were the first team on the list. Also they are well-known so people will understand specific circumstances regarding players. I kept all settings/reputations at a default level. I just wanted to use a save consistently for every save so that it can show a progression. So here are my steps to have a successful pre-season.

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10 Wonderkids Under 18 | FM19


Everyone loves Football Manager’s wonder kids, I have created a list of ten wonder kids with high potential you should consider for your FM 2019 save.

With the beta releasing yesterday, I thought why not take a look at some of the best talent the world has to offer for a player 18 and under. There is no database yet, so it’s impossible to predict the outcome of these players, however there are a lot of fantastic attributes these players have.

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