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A Different Way to Look at Camera Angles in FM19

camera angles
Camera Angle

Within Football Manager you can select a number of camera angles, which you think suits you best. These reasons could be to allow close-action game play or an angle which covers the whole pitch so you can see what players are doing what and when. Camera angles in FM19.

Camera angles in FM19

This is something that I haven’t really seen many guides on, but I have always wanted to write about. Camera Angles: sounds fun, right? Well, I personally use two camera angles and one is specifically for pre-season or when I am trying a new tactic, and the other is during normal games.

Firstly I will show you every camera angles –

2D Classic

Camera angles in FM19

The classic camera angle. A camera angle which I used to use in previous FM versions, but I love the animations (or lack of) on the 3D angles. This camera angle is particularly useful for low end computers who perhaps can’t run the 3D camera angles smoothly. It is also a great way to assess your team and ensure your players are in the right place, at the right time.


Camera angles in FM19

Sideline is a camera angle that I don’t use often. I only really use this to check my defenders are in the right place at the right time, and when using instructions such as play a higher-line to pursue offside traps, it comes in handy. I also use this angle to check offside decisions and how tight they are, usually to my frustration it’s a few pixels offside.


Camera angels in FM19

Pretty self explanatory this camera angle, however I think the TV Camera’s are in a helicopter because that stadium is nowhere near big enough to house a TV stand. This angle gives you a general perspective where each player is positioned in certain areas, as well as it being from a distance.

Behind the Goal

Camera angles in FM19

I have to admit the only time I see this angle is from the director angle. It’s not something I personally have any need to use, and although it is a good alternative angle, it offers no strategic benefits for me. It could be used to check where your players are standing at set pieces, in particular corners. Analysing the goals you score/concede and look at why, using a 3D angle.

Vertical Scrolling

Camera angles in FM19

Similar to sideline, vertical scrolling can be used to check your defensive position, as well as your offensive movement. It can be particularly useful when you use it as a stop-and-start, so you can point out exactly what moment mistakes/creations are made.

Data Analyst

A new camera angle to Football Manager 2019, and one that I think everyone loves. This is my go to camera angle during pre-season and development of tactics, it has absolutely everything you need and could possibly want. It’s essentially a detailed 2D Classic with added depth and height, offering the ultimate camera angle.


Director is a camera angle which utilises various angles in order to make it look like you’re watching it live. The most used camera angle is director, however switches to other angles. I use this during the season so I feel like I’m watching it in the comfort of my home (which I am).

What Camera Angle to Choose?

I personally can’t tell you what camera angle to use, but I can definitely point you in the right direction, or at least explain what I use.

In pre-season or in the change of tactics I ALWAYS use data analyst. It gives you the best view of what you want to do, and if your team are playing in the way you have set them up to be. It is particularly useful in seeing players position in various scenarios, with and without the ball and the runs players make. Other camera won’t give you this, as you can only see a certain area of the pitch at a particular time. Using this camera angle will then allow you to chop and change until your tactic is perfected or as close as it can be.

During the season I use Director, like mentioned on the description it gives you the best of both worlds with camera angles and feels more like a match. It’s also enjoyable to see the game close up and see exactly what is going on where the ball is, rather than the whole pitch.


Adjusting the height and camera zoom on the camera angles is something I highly recommend. It can give you the perfect angle, for what you want to do. Here is an example of an adjustment from an original camera angle, so you can see:

Camera height lowest, camera zoom highest

As you can see, these subtle changes can make a big difference to how you want to play. Obviously, adjusting the height and zoom is something little, but doing it to a way you think will offer you the best for what you want to do is something that can change how you play. Essentially, you can show how much or little of the pitch as you like.

Have a play around with the camera angles and chose something that suits what you want to achieve, and then adjust accordingly. A minor difference can make a huge impact.

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