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8 more Teams to try on the Winter Update

No messing around today. Who even reads introductions? You’re all here to skip through this part and read the headings, see one that catches your interest and then load up FM. Right? Did I get away with not writing an intro? Anyways the Winter Update gave us some small changes, and we’ve looked through the patch notes (which can be found here: to find some fun saves for you to try!

Chelsea – A familiar name in an unfamiliar situation.

After failing brutally to create an amazing 3-4-1-2 with Chelsea, I decided that you guys could do a better job. With Tuchel now at the wheel at a club with lots of injuries and loans, you could try to emulate Tuschel’s style or develop on from Frank Lampards trust in youth.

I couldn’t fit all the loans on a single page! Not to mention all the injuries…

I challenge anyone to finish top 4 with this squad. Liverpool don’t have injuries, and at least one of the Manchesters + Spurs will be pushing for those Champions League spots. Oh and Arsenal are annoyingly good on this game still, so be careful.

Crystal Palace – The long term legacy

Also, only a spot below Chelsea in game and in my article; nice!

Despite my allegiance to Brighton and Hove Albion (up the seagulls), I think Crystal Palace are in a great space to build a strong team to push onto continental football. A solid middle of the park with Milivojević/Eze/Batshuayi and a decent budget to bring in a few more gems. I’d also like to bring your attention to this gem from the new update in the Under 18’s:

Tayo Adaramola is a 16 year old irish full back with decent stats for an attacking wing-back. A long term save here could see Adaramola become an international super star with the right manager. Tayo also received an upgrade to his potential ability, and 11 finishing!

Plymouth Argyle – Crystal Palace but with Extra Steps

Another wild card team that I think could go onto dominate with the right manager. The only reason I chose Plymouth instead of any other league 1 team was because of this player here: Luke Jephcott

The 20 year old striker has scored 16 in 26 this season in real life and is likely to emulate this in your saves. Can you keep hold of the talent or us the funds to develop the squad further?

Dortmund – Because nobody else can afford Moukoko on the update

Do I need to say more? He’s the best wonderkid EVER. Even for a few seasons to see what a monster this guy becomes, its worth it.

Model Citizen Personality too! High natural fitness, determination and physicals… this kid is gonna be good, this player is exclusive to the Winter Update so make sure you are playing on it!

FC Shalke 04 – Because they’re bad now

I remember Shalke shocking european football back in the day, topped off with a semi-final in the champions league in 2011. They also haven’t been relegated since the early 90’s, so them sitting bottom of the table in real life makes me sad. Go and save them please and turn their luck around.

If they get relegated, they’ll be everyone’s fallen giant save. Do it now before its cool!

Lille – To show how good at FM you are

If you didn’t already know, Lille FC are 1st in the french leagues. Despite PSG, Monaco, Lyon, Marseilles all being good teams, Lille are somehow top of the list. My challenge to you is to emulate this success on your FM save (ideally without cheating). Consider also that Jonathan Bamba, your key attacking player received a nice improvement to his ability in the winter update.

A. Bilbao – Because FM is TOO EASY

What’s that? You’ve won every trophy with a team of the best wonderkids that everyone has in all their teams? Too bad! With Bilbao you can’t buy anyone born outside of the basque region of Spain. This takes a national only save to the extreme. La Liga has also become surprisingly more competitive over recent years, mainly due to Barcelona and Real Madrid’s fall from the echelons of world football.

Keeping hold of players is tough, but signing players is tougher! You start with a nice squad but your options for signings are limited. A nice test of your true FM skills.

Juventus – Because they aren’t as good as you think on the update

Juventus (or Zebre) are predicted to finish 1st, Ronaldo’s at the club and you’ve won the last 9 titles in a row. Easiest save in the world right?

The club is on a knife’s edge right now, with so many players aging it will be tough to keep up with the recent success of the Milan teams:

You do have some players coming in, but the likes of Ronaldo, Buffon and Cheillini are borderline irreplaceable. You need to manage the new and the old together in harmony, whilst also definitely winning the league, or you’ll get sacked.

And there is the list! I hope you enjoyed, do you have any other suggestions for teams to manage on the Winter Update? Let us know what you think on socials:


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