FM Predicts 2018-19 Winners | FM19 Experiment


Welcome to another experiment here at Dictate the Game, a slightly different one from our normal ones as we sim the top 5 major European leagues for the 2018-19 season, and we will see whether there will be shocks, upsets or will it be another boring old season where the the favourites yet again?

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Football Manager 2019 Guides | Bossing Pre-Season


With the new football manager season underway, we are going to be releasing a series of guides for Football Manager 2019. Throughout the year we will be giving you tips on everything from tactics and training, to scouting and youth intakes. For our first article, we’ll naturally start at the beginning: Pre-Season!


All of the guides will use this save. I am managing Arsenal because they were the first team on the list. Also they are well-known so people will understand specific circumstances regarding players. I kept all settings/reputations at a default level. I just wanted to use a save consistently for every save so that it can show a progression. So here are my steps to have a successful pre-season.

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10 Wonderkids Under 18 | FM19


Everyone loves Football Manager’s wonder kids, I have created a list of ten wonder kids with high potential you should consider for your FM 2019 save.

With the beta releasing yesterday, I thought why not take a look at some of the best talent the world has to offer for a player 18 and under. There is no database yet, so it’s impossible to predict the outcome of these players, however there are a lot of fantastic attributes these players have.

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The Football Factory | Part Deux | La Préparation

Football Factory Header

The best football teams on the planet, the best coaches on the planet, have one thing in common; Philosophy. By ‘Philosophy’ I don’t mean asking deep questions like ‘do fish get thirsty’ or ‘why is sand called sand’, but rather a way of playing, a style and attitude which becomes synonymous with a club or a coach: Sarriball, the Barcelona Way, Heavy Metal Football, and the many, many other coaching and tactical identities that litter the game.

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Why Auditors Never Caught FIFA’s Corruption

For accounting enthusiasts (or people simply in the accounting industry), the corruption scandal that sent waves through a multi-billion dollar non-profit known as FIFA with hundreds of member associations, is a fantastic case study in fraud and corruption. For football enthusiasts, the corruption scandal is a peek into the dark arts and methods beyond the field. But both of these enthusiasts and industries have little in common, and are unable to describe what is happening on their end to each other. I hope in this article to bridge that gap, as an accounting student pursuing my CFE and a massive football fan.

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Football Manager 2019’s new features – and if they’re worth it.  

Football Manager is once again due another game in the franchise. On November 2nd. As always Sports Interactive have introduced new features to the game and they’ve created some videos on the new features.


Tom Davidson and Curtis Morton host The FM Show, which discusses FM19’s new features.

There is a new feel to the game, with new logo branding and merchandise. The much-loved ‘manager man’ retired and put you as the new manager adding more of a personal aspect to the game. They are offering 10% off the game as a pre-purchase, as well as access to the beta. However, I’m sure you can get the game for cheaper on other sites. The first video on their channel didn’t reveal too much information regarding new features, but they did announce that Football Manager are sponsoring Hashtag United, the YouTube football team that are attempting to take on the English pyramid.

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