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Well, I never thought I’d be writing this post. It’s been over a year since we first launched Dictate The Game. Never in a million years did I think we would last this long or get to where we are in the short space we’ve been running for. This article is just a little thank you for your continued support and we wish for it to continue.

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The Life Of Dario III


I – Pre-Season Fixtures

Gainsborough Trinity – Away

Score panel

A nice way to kick off pre-season & overall, a very positive performance. Several players have stood out throughout training & they’ve left a mark with standout performances, for example Setterberg. The 27 year old striker is the most experienced out of everyone, but believe it or not, this is his FIRST professional club. He spent several seasons floating around grassroots before being spotted by our owner, Per Trondheim, who asked him to come for a trial and he impressed both Shang and myself.

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The Life of Dario II



VIII – It’s a process

Things here are progressing incredibly fast. Plans have been submitted & accepted to develop and build an 4,500 all-seated stadium on the Hackney Marshes. The community are of course anxious, but the promise of redevelopment for the area has been shown. Shirt sponsors Atea are taking naming rights on a 4 year deal, leaving the name of the stadium as Atea Sporting Complex, perfect eh?


Stadium Renders were officially released today!



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Tottenham vs Real Madrid : A match review.


I had been invited to go to this game back in August, seeing the current European champions play at Wembley was something I’ve been looking forward to.¬† I didn’t expect Madrid to be ripped apart from Tottenham!

I saw the team news and both teams had put strong teams out. With Kane returning from injury, this relieved a lot of Spurs fans, I think Tottenham missed him Saturday against Manchester United and I had a feeling he’d give Madrid a tough time. The atmosphere was really decent. I’ve been critical about the atmosphere at Wembley before but it was brilliant Wednesday night, although I thought the Madrid fans were quite poor, I only heard them a few times during the whole evening.


For the first twenty minutes I thought Tottenham held up pretty well, keeping Ronaldo quiet is so important, and Tottenham did just that, he had a few chances and managed to score a consolation goal but apart from that, I didn’t think he performed well.

In the 27th minute, a cross from Kieran Tripper landed to Alli who scored. Spurs deserved the lead, and Alli really hasn’t been as good as he has been this season, but he really stepped up his game on Wednesday, he was phenomenal.

As the players came out for the second half I think most Spurs fans would have been happy just at the fact they’ve scored past the European champions, let alone win against them. The second half, Spurs ripped Madrid apart, you wouldn’t think Spurs were the team in white.


In the 56th minute, Tottenham doubled their lead with Alli scoring his second of the night, which came off a deflection one of the Madrid defenders.


Tottenham celebrating their second goal.

It got even better in the 65th minute, when Harry Kane set up Eriksen who slid it past the keeper. Tottenham fans were in dreamland, their team was thumping the European champions 3-0.


Spurs were ripping Madrid apart, Madrid were shell-shocked, and although they has a few chances I don’t think they came close to worrying Tottenham, up until the final ten minutes where I think nerves and maybe they were tiring did things get a bit close.

Ronaldo scored a tap in with about ten minutes to go but it came to nothing, Tottenham was the far better team during the night.


Tottenham are a team to watch in the next few years for sure, I can see them winning the league in the next few years for sure. Last seasons Tottenham in the champions league would have been ripped apart by Madrid, but this years team could be this year’s underdogs in this seasons champions league.






Spurs celebrating at the final whistle 


The Life of Dario


I – Introduction

I retired from Football several years ago now and I still miss the buzz of stepping onto a pitch and giving my all. These days I work for IFK Mariehamn, the club I spent the entirety of my playing career at. I was privileged enough to play in some huge games, Champions League Finals, Europa League Finals, even a World Cup Final but that’s nothing when I put my managerial aspects forward.

I’ve had ambitions to take up management since my old coach Jukki Aittokallio retired. Jukki has spent an ourstanding 42 years at the Helm, something I’d love to replicate….. But not with Mariehamn. Yes, I spent my career with them & I truly love the club but I don’t want to sit in the shadows of Finland’s greatest ever manager.

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FM17: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

So FM18 is very nearly upon us, but this article is more of a look back on the past year of Football Manager, the stats behind the latest version in the Sports Interactive Series.

Steam users

As you can see from this graph from you can see that Football Manager sits comfortably 12th in the list of most played games. A fair way of PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS but has done very well for itself as the only sports game in that list.

Football Manager tends to be a game that attracts a particular type of game that isn’t what I would call casual… For example this tweet shows the sheer force of the football manager community.

To put that 20,481 years into perspective. That’s 10,771,965,565 minutes. You could watch a 90 minute football game 119,688,506 times and you’d have a few minutes left over. Maybe you could pop to the toilet or grab a snack!

So these are stats about the actual game, but what about records within the game? Well at you can see records from the community in a variety of scenarios. Whats the record for the most goals in a match? Well user Rocket Renegade won (comfortably might I add) 31-1 managing Spartak Moscow in 2021!


In similar extraordinary fashion, user spireross broke the record for the most yellow cards and the most red cards in a match! 10 yellows and 4 reds for West Ham and an extra 6 yellow cards for Brighton!


Also, user MadsMads182 had some form of half god-half footballer, who played 1046 games and scored 1251 in that time. He averaged 8.01/10 across those games. Carmine Buonocore, remember the name.


But I will save the best record for last: stevesmith_7 managed a West Ham side and by 2035 he’d won 8 Champions League titles, 7 of which were back-to-back. Thats hard enough with any team, but with West Ham that is some serious skill.


Did you achieve anything incredible in FM17? What are your targets for FM18?