Welcome to my page, my name is Ihor, aka Crusadertsar.

What started out as just simple interest in Ukrainian Football (especially Dynamo Kiev and my hometown’s Karpaty FC) and grew into a world-wide football obsession thanks to discovering Football Manager 2014 during my uni years. That game opened up my mind to a veritable cornucopia of clubs and leagues. Just by playing it I learned a lot about legendary players, managers and football history in general. The obsession continues 6 years later.

Now I like to think of writing about football as my number two hobby, second only to tinkering with tactics and winning trophies on football manager. I started out by posting comments and starting advise threads over at Sports Interactive forums. It was only in October of 2018 that I started writing for Dictatethegame.com. Over a year and I a few articles later, I am still here. More inspired than ever to put out stories that people will hopefully enjoy reading as much as I did writing them. Happy reading!