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5 Teams To Manage on FM19 using TheFMEditor’s Updated Database

With transfers already happening all over the World and databases being created daily, it’s time we discussed teams to try on Football Manager using TheFMEditor’s database. We take you through five teams to manage in FM19.

I have seen a lot of tweets recently saying they are bored of this years FM and can’t really get in to a save, I hope this article can reignite that spark with Football Manager and you can enjoy the game before the new one releases.

P.S this database is from the 25th of June 2019.

I have listed 5 teams to manage varying in stature, finances, squad size and targets to ultimately add variety to what you want to achieve on your next save. There are far too many teams that I could have chose but I want you to experiment and try something new.

Team to manage FM19

Firstly, let me talk about TheFMEditor. Steve is a friend of mine going back years when we first met on a Facebook group. From then we’ve always been in touch and worked on various projects together. Thankfully he is still around and spends hours upon hours creating up to date databases and has done since 1998. It is an honour to still promote his work and I hope you enjoy this database as much as I have.

You can follow Steve on Twitter here. You can also find the database there, or alternatively download it from – Updated Database. The database is correct from the 25th of June and I can confirm another database is being worked on now.

Right, lets get on with this and see where you end up. Enjoy!


Teams to manage FM19
This is the full squad…

I want to start at a club who have had many problems off the field and on the field. This is arguably the biggest challenge in terms of squad size, because there really isn’t much in terms of current squad players.

One thing to note is the squad isn’t young either, it doesn’t have that glowing young fresh players, a lot of the players are reaching the back end of their careers. Six of the seventeen players are at the age of 30 or above.

What makes this challenge incredibly hard is they have a 12 point deduction already, so you have to really get the season started early and pray you can get the results in to turn that around otherwise League Two beckons.

In the 2011/2012 season Bolton were relegated from the Premier League and now they’ve had disappointment year on year and are now back in League One after failing to stay up last year.

It will be hard to attract players of the correct calibre to the club due to the clubs league position and stature in the World, right now. That doesn’t mean you can’t play the right way with the little resources you have and build year upon year. Who knows you could make a come back and get back in to the Premier League. It is a big ask, but this is Football Manager, anything can happen.


Teams to manage FM19

With the only real signing being Pulisic who they had on loan at Dortmund last season and then the endless amount of players they had out on loan last season. It will be tough to mould a squad without Hazard, especially considering how well they did last year.

Winning the Europa League and finishing third in a two horse race was brilliant. Maybe, you can be the manager to develop the youth players and create a convey belt of talent rather than selling your best youngsters who go on to do better things.

Can this squad of players cope with both Champions League football as well as all the other cup competitions they are taking part in? Without any new signings, I would personally look to Youth and develop the next stars.

Currently predicted to finish 5th and with Champions League football it will be harder than ever to compete in the Top 6. With teams outside of the top 6 improving year on year and the change in footballing strategies

Real Madrid

Teams to manage FM19

It is only fair we talk about Real Madrid when we speak about Eden Hazard. It has been a great transfer window so far, for Los Blancos. With signings like Mariano and Jovic coming in to give competition to Benzema it will be interesting to see how you manage your team.

To me, Madrid have an incredible squad and look favourites for the La Liga this year despite Barcelona’s entourage of signings. The only down side to Madrid’s squad is they have too many, or is that a bad thing? Less people at the club means players get more game time and the likely-hood is your funds will increase with departures.

According to the pre-season preview Real Madrid are favourites to win the La Liga, and with the new cast of players and the obvious absence of World renown superstar Ronaldo, it’s up to you to decide who will fill the vacancy. There are several players who have the capabilities of becoming icons at the club as well as a transfer budget which will excite any player.

Will this be the first season in three years that Real Madrid win the La Liga? It’s up to you.


Newly promoted Brescia are favourites to be relegated this season, but I wanted to add a team that offer something different. An Italian team who have had some incredible players in their 108 year existence.

Teams to manage FM19

With players like Roberto Baggio, Andrea Pirlo, Luigi di Biagio, Pep Guardiola and Luca Toni it is hard not to be attracted to the club. A notable player in Sandro Tonali could be another player you can add to the list of world renowned players, or even building a solid team around him. A midfielder that possesses incredible attributes in key areas across the midfield. He also has a trait of dictates tempo, although that isn’t specifically Dictate the Game, it’s close enough.

Along with the players listed above, there are also new signings in the image below. I feel, despite being favourites to be relegated if you can build a team that will play till the final whistle you could beat all the odds and stay up. From there you can build upon that and try and develop a sustainable, self sufficient team.

The biggest challenge along with staying up is trying to keep high morale when playing the likes of Juventus, both Milan teams, Napoli and Roma. A heavy defeat against any club will be devastating, so it’s important your players can react.


Finally we have Yeovil Town, a club that might have slipped under a few peoples radar but our writer Dom was on the ball and wanted to point out the decline in the club.

Even looking at the League History you can see the decline in the club. They have suffered three relegation’s in seven years, but they’ve not improved, only got worse. They were rock bottom in the Championship and the year after were rock bottom in League One. They are desperate for a change and with you in charge it could be the perfect move.

With a very limited squad size and budget it’s going to be really tough to convince players to come to the south of England. It is important the initial few seasons you create a foundation in case of any slip ups.

Tom James looks like a player who is more than capable of playing a few leagues above, so it’s up to you whether to cash in on him or try and get him to sign a contract extension. Either way, you have some big decisions to make.

I want to personally thank Steve for his on going support and databases over the years, it has allowed thousands to have a different game play experience from the vanilla database.

Although I have mentioned the relevant links, I will reiterate them here.

You can follow TheFMEditor here – Twitter.

You can also downlad the database here – Database.

I hope you can find a new club to manage on Football Manager 2019, and please do let us know. We’d love to hear your progress with any team, especially with the 5 teams to manage listed. Our socials are listed below

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