The Football Factory | Part Deux | La Préparation

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The best football teams on the planet, the best coaches on the planet, have one thing in common; Philosophy. By ‘Philosophy’ I don’t mean asking deep questions like ‘do fish get thirsty’ or ‘why is sand called sand’, but rather a way of playing, a style and attitude which becomes synonymous with a club or a coach: Sarriball, the Barcelona Way, Heavy Metal Football, and the many, many other coaching and tactical identities that litter the game.

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The Football Factory | Part 1

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When people talk about the best youth academies in World Football, they often throw up names like Ajax, Barcelona, Real Madrid (for the ones who move elsewhere), Santos and of course, Manchester United. For many Football Manager players looking to develop their own youth, these clubs are often the first port of call, but I always find that so often the draw of the massive resources at those clubs mean that I abandon the youth experiment and turn back into a powerhouse of wheeling and dealing. Continue reading