The Recent Era of Ipswich Town

Ipswich Town. One of the biggest clubs in Europe during the 70s. Sir Bobby Robson and Sir Alf Ramsey are the names that you think of when Ipswich Town is mentioned… After 16 seasons in the championship, that run could be about to end – sadly not in the way Town fans wanted. Continue reading


Success with a Cherry on top – AFC Bournemouth’s rise to the top – Part One

Every fan remembers their first game, it’s the one that sets you on your path to following your chosen team. Whether you support your local club or are influenced by a family member, you become invested in them, and follow their every exploit almost religiously. For me, my first game was 2nd May 1995, when AFC Bournemouth took on Shrewsbury Town in the final game of the season. With Bournemouth having had a fairly terrible season, an upturn in form saw them just one win away from securing their Division 2 status going into the final game.

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