We at Dictate the Game are a multi-cultural team located all across the globe. We come together with a shared passion for football, and Football Manager. Learn more about us below.


Ryan is an avid Everton fan, as well as being the original founder of Dictate The Game. Having set the website up back in 2015, on his own, he has slowly but surely grown the team. You can find him writing about all things Football Manager, but particularly guides. Occasionally you will hear him on the podcast.


Luke has been writing at Dictate The Game since September 2016. Some of his most prominent writing includes the Bradshaw saga which concluded with Livin’ the Dream. Luke is a huge fan of MLS and has written numerous articles on this. His favourite teams include Ipswich Town, Halstead Town and New York Red Bulls.

Pelham (FM Tahiti)

Pelham writes about stats, tactics, editing, hoofball, and experiments. He’s a numbers nerd and has been playing since CM97. Whilst supporting Huddersfield and Yorkshire IFA, he loves special edited databases and normally plays a save every year in his special Tahiti variant. More Tahiti and story related blogs can be found at FMTahiti.com.

Ihor (Crusadertsar)

Ihor aka CrusaderTsar has had many notable series on the site including The Dynamo Project, Running with Wolves, The Young devils at Manchester United, and The Total Football Journeyman. Famous for his passion and attention for detail, the Ukrainian born writer joined the team from the SI forums.

Adam (FM Stag)

Adam / FM Stag is from Scotland and has been a football management fanatic since around 1997. He is captivated by the classic sides of the past and any iconic managers who have a very defined style, synonymous with their name. He mostly writes Football Manager and Championship Manager stories over at FMStag.com, but has been known to write the odd tactical or tips article. Anything related to the number 10 position, namely Juan Román Riquelme, and he’s sold.

Cait (Old Lady Plays)

Cait is a 50+ retired translator and grandmother of five. She played, refereed, coached, and administered the game for 43 years, and has played FM since it was CM3. She also creates on YouTube. She can communicate in :us::gb::ru::jp::fr::de::es:.


Toby Lacey is an Englishman currently living abroad in World Cup winning France. Having been with Dictate the Game at the start, Toby left the writing team to focus on other career opportunities before rejoining in late 2019 to write once again.

Fernando (Rock’s End FM)

Fernando (Rock’s End FM) is relatively new to the FM blogging scene. Coming from Argentina, he’s a die-hard Bielsa fan, a Vélez Sarsfield supporter and also follows Arsenal. You can find his FM writing at Rock’s End FM, where he does save-based series, as well as other FM projects.

Mikael (Mikaelinho FM)

A Swedish blogger who has been playing and loving the CM/FM series since ancient times. Likes to blog about both story-driven save update series and occasional player development experiments. Loves a good spreadsheet and youth development saves. Show me your wonderkid and I’ll show you mine!

Matty (FM Kiddy)

A 30 years old Yorkshireman, Matty loves Leeds United and usually has a save with them every year. Currently managing Hertha Berlin. Very new to writing but extremely grateful and excited to be part of this team. His missus always said he needed a job in football…


A recent university graduate who’s journey was made smoother thanks to several memorable FM saves. Although he may be a Man City fan, he sure loves the struggle and frustration of managing teams that are bound for a relegation fight – gotta prove the haters wrong! After years of developing his understanding around the intricacies of football, from watching FM playthroughs to reading books on tactical breakdowns, he’s delighted to be given the chance to write about his area of passion.

On a break

We have other great writers who are currently taking a break from writing, but have produced wonderful content for the site in the past, and will again! Guy (FM Vars), Ben, Simon and Brooklyn.