This page tells you guys a bit more about our writers and provides some insight into how they got started and what influenced them to start writing! *Note roles aren’t true reflections of position within the team except Ryan and Luke


Ryan (Manager)



Ryan/Browny FM is an avid Everton fan has been part of the team since day 1. Fortunately his writing is much better than his teams performance and often does experiments and guides on FM in addition to occasionally appearing on the podcast.


Luke (Assistant Manager)


Luke has been Assistant Manager at Dictate the Game since 2016. His most prominent writing has been the Mason Bradshaw saga which has spawned three series. Favourite teams include Ipswich Town and RBNY


Pelham (Data Analyst)


Pelham writes about stats, tactics, editing and experiments. He’s a numbers nerd and have been playing since CM97. Whilst supporting Huddersfield and Yorkshire IFA, he loves special edited database and normally play a save every year in my special Tahiti database.


Guy (Data Analyst)


Supports Newcastle and has been playing FM since 2015, started writing in March 2018 and have been writing for DTG since September 2018. My posts tend to be based around data or analysis of a tactic or position.


Ihor (Chief Scout)


Ihor aka CrusaderTsar has had many notable series on the site including The Dynamo Project, Running with Wolves and more recently the young devils at Manchester United. Famous for his passion and attention for detail, the Ukrainian born writer join the team from the SI forums.


Ben (First Team Coach)


Ben has been fantastic at providing tactical guides including how to utilize certain parts of the pitch. Being a West Brom fan must be hard but his attention to detail and being widely regarded as our top competitive FMer must be nice I guess!


The Northman (Head Physio)


The Northman has been a writer with us for a while but it more famous for his YouTube channel and ties with FM Central. He has begun writing for us and giving his opinion on the podcast: a great addition to the team!


UW (U18s Coach)

The mysterious UW has links in America and Canada!


Simon  (Kitman)

A well-travelled Aussie that loves long-ball football, coffee and politics. All of which are reflected in his Red Star Alliance series on DTG. Currently based in the US, he works in Sports Media consulting, is ex-NFL, trades stocks when not feeding his FM addiction.

Toby (Scout)

Toby Lacey is an Englishman currently living abroad in World Cup winning France. Having been with Dictate the Game at the start, Toby left the writing team to focus on other career opportunities before rejoining in late 2019 to write once again.