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FM23: What Makes a Good Technical Director?

A new role was introduced on Football Manager 2020, the Technical Director. My simple advice regarding the role of a Technical Director is if you want to run a fully functioning club where advice is given by staff you can trust, you’ll need to recruit a good and reliable Technical Director.

What does a Technical Director do?

The Technical Director will be the person (should you give them the responsibilities) that will be in charge of the various departments (coaching, scouting and medical) at your club. In basic terms, your Technical Director tells you how well the staff at your club are doing.

In the real world, the Director role is designed to facilitate long-term strategy and continuity independent of a manager’s remit with the team. It is the person in control of a club’s infrastructure.

In the lower leagues, it is unlikely that you’ll be able to recruit a Technical Director. However, when managing a big club, things can get busy for yourself as a manager meaning you may not have the time to pay attention to staffing at the club. At this time, it is a good idea to recruit a Technical Director and delegate the management of club staff to the person recruited.

What are the key attributes of a Technical Director?

As mentioned above the Director can, if given the responsibility be managing the critical area of your club – managing staff. The main attributes to look for are Judging Staff Ability and Negotiating the definitions from Football Manager can be seen below.

These two attributes work as a partnership for a Technical Director. However, it is all well and good to be able to judge a good staff member, if the Technical Director is not very good at negotiating then the role would be redundant. Also, if given the responsibilities of arranging staff recruitment and staff contracts then the skill of negotiating come into play.

It should be noted that the Technical Director’s role is very similar to that of a Director of Football. The difference between the two, which I hope had been made clear in this article is that the Technical Director is responsible for staff and the Director of Football is responsible for players. To clarify, recruiting a Technical Director is not essential, but when recruited can be a vital part of a big club that is challenging for success. However, if you decide to recruit a Technical Director without understanding the role then the Technical Director come just as a commodity. The role should only be recruited if it is the club has the finances and the role is used in the way that it is supposed to be used.

Recommended Technical Directors on FM23

Staff members in the table are at least rated 12 in Judging Staff Ability and Negotiating and People Management.

Name Nationality Age Current Club People Management Judging Staff Ability Negotiating
Andreas Bäumer GER 48   20 19 19
Gabriele Oriali ITA 69   20 18 18
Javier Ribalta ESP 41 Marseille 13 17 17
Manu Fernández ESP 45 Real Madrid 19 17 18
Abián Perdomo ESP 41 Real Madrid 19 17 17
Rémi Falter BEL 42   17 18 18
Tolis Rakavinas GRE 48   16 17 17
Walter Sabatini ITA 67   17 15 15
Scott McLachlan ENG 52   13 16 16
Rui Correia POR 40 FC Porto 15 15 16
Iain Brunnschweiler ENG 42 Southampton 15 15 16
Vincent Ponsot FRA 45 Lyon 14 15 17
Coery Kinsella ENG 42   16 16 16
Marin Bertrand FRA 48   15 17 17
Denis Galmiche FRA 45   17 20 16
Jannik Arndt GER 45   18 20 16
Emilian Klingmann GER 46   15 15 15
Itsik Rubin ISR 44   11 15 16
Jonathan van Kesteren NED 47   16 16 16
Alexey Kireev RUS 46   17 16 16
Ulises Velazco ARG 48   15 15 16
Jhoan Rivas COL 48   16 16 19
Stephen Davies WAL 44   12 16 15
Kalvin Trickett-Smith ENG 42   16 17 15
David Scott USA 42   15 15 15

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