FM23: What Makes a Good Regista?

The term ‘regista’ is taken from the Italian word for ‘director’. The regista is quite literally the director of the football match – they retain their deep position and dictate their team’s play with their distribution. A regista likes to move forward up, sometimes even near the opponent box and to organize the buildup play — that’s why he’s called regista, Italian for regisseur, the one who conducts an opera. He needs to be a skilful player, and creative but also needs some cover, as he will move sometimes too high up the pitch and offer some pockets of space to the opponent.

Regista Responsibilities

The regista is a creative player who operates in front of the defence, almost always in a central position, and looks to get on the ball as often as possible. They are responsible for providing the link between defence and attack and controlling the game’s tempo through their passing.

Attacking Responsibilities

A regista has to be comfortable taking the ball under pressure from any direction, so awareness of their surroundings and an ability to use that information to play their way out of trouble is hugely important. They need to be adept at playing both long and short passes, and they need to break lines with their passing and switch play accurately.

The regista has to be constantly on the move, looking for space to receive and scanning their surroundings to build up a picture of what is going on around them.

Defensive Responsibilities

The regista must retreat immediately to take up a central position that will limit penetration through the middle of the pitch and protect the defence. When out-of-possession, the regista’s job is to screen the defence, intercept passes aimed at opposition strikers and, where possible, block passing options.

A Regista can play a destructive role for his team, breaking up opposition movement before laying off a pass to someone a bit more creative, which also allows players more time to move up the pitch in a counter-attack. A regista needs to have the strength of a defender to recuperate lost balls and tackle their attacking counterparts. However, they also need the technical skills to be able to play long balls across the pitch, effectively turning a defensive position into an attacking one. We will explore the differences between both roles.

Regista on Football Manager

Recommended Player Traits

  • Dictates tempo.
  • Plays one-twos.
  • Tries long-range passes.

Attributes of a good Regista

  • First Touch
  • Passing
  • Technique
  • Composure
  • Decisions
  • Flair
  • Off the Ball
  • Teamwork
  • Vision

Recommended Regista on Football Manager

NamePositionCurrent ClubNationalityAge
FabiánDM, M/AM (C)PSGESP26
Ismaël BennacerDM, M (C)MilanALG24
Tanguy NdombeleDM, M (C)NapoliFRA25
Nemanja MaksimovićDM, M (C)GetafeSRB27
Douglas LuizDM, M (C)Aston VillaBRA24
Dani ParejoDM, M/AM (C)VillarrealESP33
Ibrahim SangaréDM, M (C)PSVCIV24
VitinhaDM, M (C)PSGPOR22
Fredrik AursnesDM, M (C)BenficaNOR26
Christian NoboaDM, M (C)SochiECU37
Erick PulgarDM, M (C)FlamengoCHI28
FransérgioDM, M/AM (C)BordeauxBRA31
David PavelkaDM, M (C)Sparta PragueCZE31
Jordy ClasieD (C), DM, M (C)AZNED31
Kristjan AsllaniDM, M/AM (C)InterALB20
Gastón GiménezDM, M (C)ChicagoPAR30
Alex SantanaDM, M (C)Athletico ParanaenseBRA27
Mario VrančićDM, M/AM (C)RijekaBIH33
Marko VejinovićDM, M/AM (C)Heracles AlmeloNED32
Miha ZajcDM, M (C)FenerbahçeSVN27
Daniel BragançaDM, M (C)Sporting CPPOR23

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