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FM20 Best Free Transfers Winter Update

The Football Manager Winter Update has been out for a couple of months now, and with that comes new ideas for saves. In this article we will look at some of the free agents which can be obtained for your club. Whether that club is in the MLS, Premier League, Conference or China, we have you covered. These are the FM20 Best Free Transfers from the Winter Update, which have been condensed in a short article.

A lot of players don’t use free agents as much as they should. One man’s loss, is another man’s gain as the saying goes. It’s important to get free agents in, not only because you’re reducing expenditure, but typically these players may have valuable experience. Although wage demands and agent demands may be slightly higher, you aren’t spending millions on a transfer fee. Even more so, you aren’t making a rival club richer – that’s how I look at it. Even low down in smaller leagues and divisions, these are brilliant. A rising star may not be good enough for their old club, but would be a game changer for you. Worse case scenario, the player doesn’t work out. Sell him? Make a profit? Release him at end of his contract.

Let’s get on with FM20’s Best Free Transfers Winter Update:

Yaya Toure 

Yaya Toure Free Agent FM20 Winter Update

This man needs no introduction. A player who has won the highest of accolades. The Ivory Coast Midfielder would be a coup for any club. Whether you need a leader, a player for a couple of seasons or depth, Toure has this. 

Despite being 36, he has the experience and game knowledge to dictate the game from the middle. Having won the Champions League, Premier League, La Liga and China League One it will come as no surprise to know he’s a natural winner. His attributes are still fantastic, and although they will deteriorate, he is more than capable of playing.

Focusing more on his attributes, he still has 17 passing, 16 vision and 17 technique. Rest assured, when on the ball, he will do what’s necessary. Yaya is a natural leader and could be the talisman you need to turn your club around, or push them beyond their normal capabilities. 

Due to Toure’s reputation, you may pay a little higher, but you get what you pay for. Toure is a must, for any club capable. 

Fábio Coentrão

Despite actually retiring from football, Fábio is only 31 and has years left in the tank. A player who is very versatile and an experienced player. He is still capable of playing at a very high level as well as being a perfect tutor for an up and coming prospect.

Similar to Yaya Toure, his experience and success is one of the many factors you should consider signing a very technical wing back. 15 Crossing, dribbling and technique is something that can’t be over looked. An assured player on and off the ball. Even if he isn’t your starter, what a fantastic back up you have. 

There isn’t really anything negative you can say about Coentrão, apart from, his marking which is 10. However, it’s not the most important aspect of a full back, especially if you play attacking wing/full backs. That’s why Coentrão is included in this FM20 Best Free Transfers Winter Update.


Jesús Marimón

Finally, a young player. Well this guy looks the real deal and being 20 means he has years ahead of him. Coming from South America, it might be tricky to secure a work permit, depending on the league and nation you are in. I wouldn’t let that put you off, he has over 20 appearances for Columbia under 20’s. So, a international career is definitely on the cards.

His attributes don’t really compare to the two experienced players listed above. That shouldn’t stop you from signing him, he has at least 11 years until he is the same age as Coentrão. 

In my opinion, due to his flair, I wouldn’t use him offensively. But a midfielder who can take long shots, that is definitely something that I’d look to work on. With a bit of tailoring, he can be pivotal and a player to build your team around.

Yassine El Ghanassy

Yassine is a player who hasn’t really reached his potential. You may remember his loan spell at West Brom? Oh you don’t? Me too. A player who just couldn’t quite find the right move, until now.

He has very good technical attributes which compliment his game style. Yassine isn’t the quickest of players, but his other attributes definitely make up for this. He has the ability to beat a man, cut inside or cross. 

El Ghanassy is definitely a surprise player, and in my opinion can really make a difference. He still has years left in him, and although he might not be the best overall player, he will definitely outshine other players in areas. An all out creative attacking player who leaves nothing else to be desired.

Marcus Pederson 

The obvious standout attributes have to be his work rate, aggression, finishing and bravery. Marcus is another player who hasn’t really reached the heights that were destined for him. However, he is a free agent and looks like a coup.

A striker with incredible work rate is something any team can enjoy. Whether you want him to press, tackle, or score, he can do that. It’s a wonder he is a free agent. Pederson might not be your typical striker, but he has the ability in the right system.

He has experience internationally and in different countries, so I doubt it would take long for him to settle in to the club. Pederson is included in this FM20 Best Free Transfers Winter Update because of his differences which he can add to the club.

Jordan Greenidge

Jordan is a player who would be compatible with a lower league team, like the Vanarama National League. He is a giant and would definitely be towering over defenders. Jordan has had a weird start to his career being in Stoke’s youth system then moving to Cyprus on a three year deal. He made only one appearance and then left the club, after a couple of months. He later moved to Spain and failed to make his mark. Can you give Jordan a chance?

What makes him an exciting prospect isn’t just his height, it’s equally matched with pace. Making him the ultimate striker for lower league teams.

I honestly believe he would be very influential and travel up the leagues with you. Not only that, but he has the ability to play different styles. Hoof ball? He has the ability to dominate in the air. Through balls? Jordan has the pace to out run defenders. 


I have tried to include a variety of players and explain what they can offer, so you don’t just search them for the sake of it. I believe each of these players has the ability to really help the club, whether that be short or long term.

I avoided looking at players current ability or potential, for the sole purpose of finding players who I think would make an impact at a club. It is also fun to see how these players develop and impact your team.

I hope you enjoyed this article and might take a look at these free agents, I hope you have as much fun as I will with these players.

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