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Dictate The Podcast – Quarantine Quiz Special

In today’s Dictate The Podcast we wanted to try something different and do a quiz. The reason behind this, many people are probably fed up with being stuck in doors, not being able to see their family and friends. We wanted to do something light hearted in an attempt to make you laugh. Putting this together was fun, but the real drive was to try and make something different from our usual style.

The quiz focused on 15 Football Manager related questions and 5 general knowledge questions. On today’s episode we had Cait AKA Old Lady Plays, Luke and Pelham AKA  FMTahiti, as well as Ryan, the host.

If you would like to play along, here are the questions. The answers are listed at the bottom of the article. We’d love to know how many you get and if you beat any of our panellists.

To take part, or listen – Listen Here


  1. What year was the first Football Manager released (under the name)?


  1. How many player positions are there in Football Manager?


  1. Who has better finishing Messi or Ronaldo?


  1. What is the official terminology for a player that has been created by the game?


  1. What height is the tallest player in the game?


  1. How many players have 20 Acceleration and Pace?


  1. Who is the highest week paid player without bonuses or clauses?


  1. How many players weekly salary are above £1 Million, without any bonuses or clauses?


  1. Who is the highest valued player in game?


  1. How many physical attributes are there?


  1. What club are number 1 in World Rankings according to reputation?


  1. What Nation is highest ranked according to Football Manager?


  1. What Premier League club charge the most on average for a season ticket, on Football Manager?


  1. What age is the oldest staff member on Football Manager?


  1. How many players have 20 strength on FM?


  1. Who is Manchester United’s highest appearance player?


  1. Who has more followers on twitter, between Pelham, Cait and Luke?


  1. Capital of Australia?


  1. What year did Dictate The Game publish their first article?


  1. Which retail billionaire became owner of Newcastle United in 2007?



  1. 2004 – Football Manager 2005
  1. GK, RB, CB, LB, WBL, DM, WBR, CM, LM, RM, CAM, RW, LW, ST, – 14
  1. Messi 20 – Ronaldo 19
  1. Newgen
  1. 6”11 – Simon Bloch Jørgensen, Danish, Goalkeeper
  1. 3 – Kylian Mbappe, Adama Traore, Jonathon Quarcoo
  1. Lionel Messi – £1.2 Million
  1. 1 – Lionel Messi
  1. Neymar – 91 Million
  1. 8 – Acceleration, Agility, Balance, Jumping Reach, Natural Fitness, Pace, Stamina, Strength
  1. Barcelona
  1. France – 1745 points
  1. Arsenal – £1,430
  1. 84 – Rune Målström, Suchkov, Piet De Visser
  1. 13


  1. Ryan Giggs – 963
  1. Cait 554          
  1. Canberra
  1. 2016
  1. Mike Ashley– Sports Direct


If you haven’t finished the Dictate The Podcast episode, and don’t want to know who won then look away now. If not, this is how the quiz ended. Drum roll, please…

3rd – Pelham – 9 points
2nd – Luke – 10 points
1st – Cait – 13 points

If you would like to purchase one of the T-shirts that Old Lady Plays has won, you can find them here:

I hope you all enjoyed this Dictate The Podcast that we have provided. We would love to know how you got on, if you can beat our contestants. Let us know:

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