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Dictate the Game Podcast 15 | Interview with Dave Azzopardi

This week on the Podcast, a slightly smaller crew of producer Dom and Guy (FMVars) talk to Dave Azzopardi; a fantastic content creator for Football Manager, Watford fan and youth football coach.

He’s a researcher for Football Manager, specifically at Watford FC. His job is to record the players statistics and the clubs finances to ensure the game matches the real world accurately. He also recently started a fan site; Talking Wolves.

This was a fairly lengthy interview, as Dave had a lot to discuss with both the FM side and the real life football side of things. So we’ve just got the full interview for you to enjoy.

As always, watch the show being recorded on Twitch everyone Saturday at Noon BST. Watch the finished product each and everyone Sunday at 6:00 PM BST on our YouTube channel at

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