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Dictate The Game Official Store Now OPEN!

It has been some time since we first attempted to release our store. We have now got to a stage where we can officially say that we are ready. So here it is, the Dictate The Game store. The store can be accessed via a direct link, or through our website, by simply pressing store. Our intentions with the store are not to get as many sales as possible, but to simply give people an option for alternative merchandise.

This is personally something I am immensely proud of. I never thought we’d release a store, or even get this far. I am delighted with the designs that have been made, and despite just four products, we do look to increase this. Rest assured, we won’t be turning into a clothes store, this is just a nice side project which is fun to do and rewarding.

The store can be accessed here, or alternatively simple visit our website here and press ‘store’ on the menu.

Dictate The Game Store – Designs

DTG Logo tshirt

Firstly, we have our typical logo printed on our t-shirts. This was something we thought would be a typical stand out, especially with the logo change we had last year. We feel this design offers something completely fresh and allows a simple logo to really stand out. The store has these in two colours, currently – black and white.

hoofball tshirt

Our second design is a more personal item. This idea came about because of the way Simon, Pelham and Guy play the game on certain saves. It is also a big topic in the podcast, and almost every week gets brought up. It’s fantastic to see that this design has got some light and really developed beautifully. We went for a more artistic style with this, as you can see with the H and the playing kicking the ball.

The store also have a hoodie hoofball design, which is also on the store. We aim to release more designs in the future, and other colour variations, but at the moment we wanted to keep things very basic. Obviously, if you have any suggestions, please contact us and we will try to help in the best way possible.

Dictate The Game Store wearing

Above is three samples we received. Getting samples orders was important, just to see how they looked. We are delighted with how they have came out. We can’t wait to see you in these designs!


None of us within the website are particular concerned about the money involved with this, hence the prices being very low. Obviously make a little bit of money off it, and that’s just to add to the funds so we can further develop the website, site, and our services we offer. We aren’t forcing people to buy this, just that we have made designs that we like and we hope you like too.

A big thank you to FanDanGoals for creating our wonderful logo and kick starting this transition to create merchandise. Also, a massive thank you to everyone at Dictate The Game for their hard work and dedication. Without them, this wouldn’t have been possible. So thank you!

Send your photos of your products to our Facebook and Twitter accounts.

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