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Dictate the Podcast – A new and improved FM20 podcast

Dictate the Podcast

Podcast History

There has been a Dictate the Game podcast kicking around for quite a while. Alongside the articles we write and cover here we also talk nonsense online so you can listen to it as well. For a long time we had been hosting this on youtube at the DTG channel. You can see we have around 20 episodes covering FM19 if they take your fancy.

We even had a go at live recording via Twitch. If you follow DTG there you can potentially see some of our Football Manager discussions on there too.

The line up has changed as our writing team has changed, and with the launch of FM20 we decided to shake up and change the podcast. We are about 9 episodes in, and have made it to over a 1000 listens, but though it would be good to cover what we have been doing.

New Podcast Format

With rebirth of Dictate the Podcast we restructed the pod to really streamline the Football Manager we talk about. We start off with the Team Report, where we discuss the recent articles released in more depth, often with the author. We then move onto one of our favourite sections in the Opposition Analysis, where we discuss what we have been reading, watchin and listening to in the FM community. Time permitting we have our Match section for a FM inspired quiz. Then we finish it all off we questions from the community, or as we sometimes call it Letters for Luke.

One of the things we really want from the podcast is to make it about the community. What we write and do is only a small part of that and we really enjoy spending the majority of the podcast talking about what other people are producing, and answering/debate the questions the community has been asking.

Dicate the Podcast: Season 2

So far in this new season we have covered getting the sack, moneyball, community owned clubs, Bielsa, youth rankings, public beta’s, player traits, Ryan’s food fetish, anchormen, targetmen and 1000 goal strikers. To name but a few. This has all been during our Match Report where we cover the goings on at Dictate the Game.

Opposition Analysis and #WeAreTheCommunity

We want to be a fairly community orientated pod. After all there’s a ton of awesome content out there and we want to share what we enjoy.

On Dictate the Podcast we have covered our love for non-FM sources like Tifo, COPA90, and the Coaches Voice. Always good starting points for some Football Manager 2020 inspiration.

We’ve covered FM20 blogs from the likes of FM Stag, LutterworthFox, Seattle Red of From the Cheap Seats, BlackSeaFM, PearceyPlays, Brooklyn FM, and the FM Library project.

On the YouTube front we have mentioned our very own TheNorthman, DodgeeGamer, Old Lady Plays, Grey Hair Gaming, and Loki Doki to name a few.

And we want to cover even more. If there’s something out there that you love and we’ve missed, just let us know. We can’t watch/read/listen to it all so we need you to point us in the right direction.

Where to Find it?

As we are using Anchor.Fm to host the podcast you can find it directly on there or by clicking here.

Due to the magic that is Anchor.Fm the podcast is also distributed on a range of other sites to make it even easier than before to listen to our FM20 related nonsense.

  • Spotify
  • Apple Podcasts
  • Google Podcasts
  • Breaker
  • Overcast
  • Pocket Casts
  • RadioPublic
  • Youtube
  • Right here on the DTG main page!

Questions for the Pod

Whether it’s a question about tactics, preferences or you just want to point out something awesome in the community we have missed please tweet us or DM us @DictateTheGame

You can also use the FMCentral community on facebook if you prefer, or you can hunt us down individually on twitter.

If you would like to read more of our recent articles see below:

Written by Pelham [FMTahiti]

I like to write about stats, tactics, editing and experiments. I also have a youtube channel under the name FM Tahiti where I have videos about my FM19 career in a semi-fictional French Polynesian/Tahiti database.

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