Everything We Know About the new Data Hub in FM22

FM22 Data Hub

The new FM22 sneak peek revealed a new tab for the upcoming Football Manager, the Data Hub. In this article, we’ll let you know everything we know so far about this new and most interesting feature.

The Data Hub will play a huge part in making FM22 even better. xG was introduced on FM21 which added more depth to data on the game. Statistics in sports form a massive part of analysis within Football Manager. Data Analysts where added to FM a few games ago, but as of yet, their purpose has been minimal with additions added frequently over the course of a few games. The Data Hub adds more depth to the Data Analyst role on FM22.

For FM22, there will be a big push on additional data to represent the reality of modern-day football as well as making Football Manager an accurate representation of the modern game.

The Data Hub on FM22 will essentially “paint a picture” of match data across individual, as well as a multitude of matches that will be able to help players with their tactics and player development.

Match Momentum

A new addition to the Data Hub is Match Momentum, which gives players a perception of match flow. Momentum data will show how teams are performing during certain time periods in previous games which will allow managers to prepare potential match plans for future opponents.

When viewing the match momentum graphs you’ll be able to see which teams are dangerous in possession. The graph will enable you to predict the tactical approach of teams.

Your own tactical changes will be able to be assessed using the match momentum graphs. You may have chosen to add an additional striker in the final 15-minutes of the match. These graphs will allow you to see if that change was effective enough.

Match Momentum on FM22

Pass Maps

Another change to the Data Hub is an improvement to Pass Maps. On FM22, you’ll be able to see more intuitively how a game has played out between players. Essentially, you’ll be able to see passing patterns – is your team getting the ball forward enough, are they playing sideways or backwards? This data will be available on FM22 with the improved pass maps. Arrows show how often passes are made between players and in which direction a pass goes will be readily available as can be seen in the image below.

Pass Map on FM22

Ask For Data

Football Manager has taken into account how much players will want to look at data with an “Ask For” feature where players will be able to ask their analysts for certain types of data. For example, you can ask for aerial data which can be split specifically into either defenders or forwards showing. Each search will show different forms of data depending on what is requested. Aerial focuses on headers with the amount of header and effectiveness of those headers taken into account which is plotted on a scatter graph.

The aim of the Data Hub is to turn what has been large amount of data and present it in a form that players understand and can interpret with the aim of making tactical or personal player improvements either by whole squad training or individual training. 

Zone Maps

Zone Map on FM22

The zone map data on FM22 will provide a visual overview of how well your team performs in certain areas of the pitch. The pitch will be divided into six vertical sections allowing for an assessment of performance in both attacking and defensive areas.

It is clear that the Data Hub will form a massive part of FM22 letting you not only process a plethora of information about your tactics and playing style, but it will also give you the ability to use your Data Analysts even more on Football Manager.

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