World Cup 2018: Rough Guide to Belgium National Team


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Belgium find themselves facing Japan tonight in the round-of-16 having finished top of England’s Group G with a maximum of 9 points, 9 goals scored and only two conceded. For years Belgium have had talent within their ranks but have always failed to gel on the grandest stage (much like England of days gone by). But their golden generation appear to finally be clicking under Roberto Martinez and with many nations faltering, Belgium look to have excelled and their fans have every right to dream about lifting the trophy in Moscow.

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The importance of a Youth Development Structure – Football Manager Guide

Youth Structure.pngYouth progression and investment is often overlooked in peoples football manager saves. In this article I will discuss the importance of having a structure which can help save money, and really get the best out of your products.

I often overlooked youth and the importance that they could potentially have on your team, however this years football manager has really taught me to trust my youth and give them opportunities. There are so many methods in which youth can be beneficial for you as a player and as a club, I will go in to detail about how youth has helped me and turned my struggling youth club to a team that finishes their season unbeaten.

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