Dynamo Project FM19 – The Golden Generation | Youth Development

Every year, around January when the arrival of the Winter Update is imminent, I start asking myself the same question, and this year is no different; who should I manage on football manager 2019? Now that the game is fully-updated what long-term definite save do I do? Do I start a Lower League Management saga, or a campaign to revive a Sleeping Giant? Do I manage in top 5 Leagues with their guaranteed riches, or in one of the more obscure ones and try to build them up to greater glory? All these are the questions that go through my mind in the month of January.

Sometimes restarting multiple times with different clubs, it might take weeks before settling on a save. This year the process has been somewhat easier as I finally realised what I enjoy the most in all my saves; to develop players from youth academy to the heights of continental football. Seeing these youngsters progress, sometimes rising up the leagues with the club, gives me the ultimate feeling of reward. This article is not only an informal guide to my philosophy of youth development but also a guide to those with less time or patience to start their own golden generation and rather jump into a club already possessing one at the start of the season.

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Serie B: US Triestina – the battle to avoid relegation. Thirteen games down…


Having secured the Serie C title by 16 points, my objective in the 2019/20 season was simply to avoid relegation. This post will cover the pre-season and first thirteen games of the Serie B season.

Although I didn’t have any philosophies on which the Board would judge me, I had my values that I wanted to maintain in my second season. These would be:

  • Signing good, young footballers with a balance of technical, mental and physical skills
  • Loaning where possible, since finances remained perilous. I would need to make heavy use of my senior affiliate Udinese
  • With the ball, playing attractive football with multiple threats from wide areas and central midfield, with predominantly one striker
  • Playing a high pressing, high energy game without the ball, looking to win it back as soon as possession is lost.
  • Improving the quality of my coaches and scouts.
  • Hire a new Head of Youth Development to improve the quality of my U-20 and U-18 teams.

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Who’s the best at Football Manager? – FM19 mid-season records

So we’re at Christmas! Usually in a Football Manager game this is the mid-point of the season and usually at the point where we get a jump in player numbers (at Christmas) and then people get time off of work/school so they play a bit more. At this time I’m going to look at the records in the game on the official SI Games website to see who’s holding the records and whether any of you can beat these feats.

I will also be looking at these records at the end of the season to see if anyone can top any of the records. I myself will be (hopefully) submitting a few records to the site throughout the year to engrave my name in history.

At this link you can see all the records for yourself, but I’m going to look at a few specific records to showcase the level of competition this year:


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US Triestina – Season 1: Performance Analysis


In my previous posts I spoke about how I evaluated the squad at my disposal and then, how I shaped this squad into three systems.

Here I will look at how the season played out, then I’ll go into more detail about my usage of the 4-1-4-1 DM Wide, the 4-4-2. I’ll analyse how my attacks are built from the back, whilst also analysing the team in transition and also out of possession.

I’ll round off by analysing my usage of the 4-4-1-1 system versus Sambenedettese.

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US Triestina – Welcome to Serie C

Around every October, FM fanatics turn their thoughts to their next FM save, with the new game just around the corner. I had always fancied the idea of turning a minnow into a European superpower; on previous versions I had a very enjoyable save in Germany with Bayer Leverkusen and in the UK, with Oxford United. I gave some thought to managing overseas and settled for a career in lowly Serie C in Italy. I prefer to begin as an unknown manager in the lower leagues, working my way up and building a reputation.

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Dynamo Project: Part 3 – Highlighting the Pressing Forward in FM19

I was torn between two formations for my gegenpressing tactic: 4-2-3-1 DM wide or 4-5-1. In the end I ended up choosing 4-2-3-1, with 4-5-1 moving to my backup tactic when faced with superior sides in Champions League. Why did I not use Lobanovsky’s classic 4-4-2, you may ask? For one reason, I’ve used 4-4-2 extensively in both FM 2017 and FM 2018 and while I always had some success with it, I nevertheless noticed that Number 10 strikers never played as I wanted. No matter his role, he would not drop as much as I needed to link up the midfield and attack as well as attacking midfield would. When I decided upon using defensive midfielders (although sometimes I experiment with having one of each) instead of midfielders then I became convinced even further that I will need an attacking midfielder in order to link up play better. I’m planning to play more of a natural striker than playmaker in that position, one who will not just pass the ball around but will also work hard to make late runs into penalty area.

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San Marino Double Challenge – Football Manager

Image result for san marino football

San Marino, the punching bag of international football since they officially begun in November 1990, where they suffered a 4-0 defeat at the hands of Canada. That defeat contributes to their win total of 143 losses compared to a measly 4 draws and just 1 win (1-143-4 record). Their only win came from a home friendly against Liechtenstein on the 28th of April 2004. They’ve scored a total a total of 23 goals compared to the 645 goals they’ve conceded.

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European Alphabet Challenge – Football Manager

If you’re looking for a marathon of a challenge, then the European Alphabet Challenge is definitely the one for you!! The aim of this challenge is to make your way through each European country in alphabetical order.


1. You must start in the 2nd tier of Austria
2. You must start wth the team that is predicted to finish 10th (May vary depeding on what update you use)
3. In order to progess to the next country, You must win the top Domestic League and every Domestic cup (European Comps not needed)
4. Don’t cheat, as it will only take the fun out of the Challenge
5. Post screenshots every season (League Position, Cup performances)
6. Past experience set to Automatic please.
7. When moving to a new country, you must apply for jobs- DO NOT ADD NEW MANAGER.

List of countries (You must win Domestic League and all domestic cups before you are allowed to move on to the next)

Czech Republic
Northern Ireland


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The Pentagon Challenge – Football Manager


For people that haven’t heard of the pentagon challenge, it is in my opinion, the hardest Football Manager challenge out there.

What is the pentagon challenge?

To attempt the challenge, you must start a new save unemployed with a Sunday league reputation.
Your aim is to win all five continental champions leagues. (European Champions League, South American Champions League, Asian Champions League, African Champions League and North American Champions League in one save game.
Once you have won all five continental champions leagues, you have cemented your status as a FM God.

We’d love to hear how your attempts at this go! Tweet us @dictatethegame with your results!!