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Best Premier League Free Agents To Sign | FM21

Football Manager 2021 is finally here, and we have found the best Premier League free agents in FM21. If you are unsure what type of player you want to sign, we have you covered with various players from around the world. There are a few surprise names in here, who you would expect to find a club. Be quick, as I am sure these players won’t be around long. Will these be your FM21 free agent signings?

Beñat – Spanish – 33 Years old

Beñat Etxebarria Urkiaga, the Spanish midfield maestro is a free agent after being released by Athletic Bilbao in the summer. The 33 year old would be an ideal starter/substitute for a lot of teams in the lower end of the Premier League. With a wealth of experience, he can be that middle maestro that your team might be missing out. With player traits such as ‘Likes to Switch Ball To Wide Areas’ and ‘Arrives Late In Opponents’ Area’ he can be the talisman your team is lacking. Beñat is also fantastic from a dead ball situation. 

Having spent most of his playing career at Athletic Bilbao, the Spaniard is looking for a new challenge and I think several Premier League clubs would be interested. 

Some key attributes to consider that Beñat possesses are his Determination (17), Teamwork (16), Passing (16), Technique (15), Vision (15) and Free Kick Taking (15).  

Mario Mandzukic – Croatian – 34 years old

The 6 foot 3 inches centre forward isn’t a player you’d expect to find as a free agent. However, after a spell in Qatar, Mario finds himself clubless – where’s Luigi? Mandzukic has had a fantastic playing career, playing at clubs like Juventus, Atheltico Madrid and Bayern Munich. The target man still possesses a lot of power and can give your team that different style of attacker. Mario has never been a pacey striker, but is known as a player with physical prowess. His height and ability in the air could be the difference for your club.

The Targetman has a wealth of experience in different countries as well as at international level. He could potentially be a starter for many clubs, or a back up/impact sub for a different style of play. Can the 34 year old be exactly what your team needs?

Key attributes that Mario Mandzukic has are his Teamwork (19), Work Rate (18), Heading (16), Jumping Reach (17) and Strength (18).

Ezequiel Garay – Argentinian – 33 years old

Ezequiel Garay is an experienced centre back with experience at top clubs as well as nationally. It come as quite a surprise to Valencia when he asked to be released in the summer, after ligament damage to his right knee. Ezequiel asked the club to sign someone in his place, and now is looking for a club himself. Last making an international appearance back in 2015, Garay may be looking to get back in the Argentina national team, or focus on his club football. A benefit of him not being in the international setup is that you won’t have to wait for him to recover. 

The central defender has the ability to compete for the starting positions within most Premier League clubs. Even though he isn’t the fastest, Garay has fantastic technical attributes which more than make up for it. 

With 14 decisions, Ezequiel can use this to his advantage, due to his lack of pace. Garay also has brilliant attributes in Heading (16), Marking (16), Tackling (15), Positioning (17) and Strength (15).

Jack Wilshire – English – 28 Years old

The first English man on this list, and one that has experience at several English clubs. Starting his career and spending most of his time at Arsenal, he never quite made it at the level so many expected him to be at. Having a poor history of injuries definitely prevented Jack from reaching the heights. Could his fortune change, and find a club that can balance his game time, recovery and development so you can get the best out of the English playmaker?

The English midfielder has 34 international caps and will be disappointed to be a free agent, however, he will be looking for his next challenge. The left footed central midfielder will be an ideal starter (if fit) for teams in the bottom half of the Premier League, but definitely helps with home grown players. 

Some of Jack Wilshire’s key attributes are is First Touch (16), Passing (15), Decisions (15), Vision (15) and Technique (15).

Mario Balotelli – Italian – 30 Years old

Why always him? The second Mario in this Premier League free agents in FM21 guide. The Italian striker is currently without a club after a short spell at Brescia. Mario Balotelli still has several years ahead of him. The 29 year old will be looking to get involved at any club, and is a relatively risk free transfer – unless he does something stupid on the pitch, who knows?

The way I see it, is if you sign him, and he doesn’t fit your team, there will be other clubs who might want to purchase the Italian, which will help make a profit for your club. 

‘Shoots From Distance’ and ‘Shoots with Power’ are two of the main player traits Mario has. Some key attributes to consider are his First Touch (15), Technique (16), Strength (16), Long Shots (16) and Penalty Taking (18).

Daniel Sturridge – English – 30 Years old

The second and final English man on the Premier League Free Agents in FM21 guide. With over 200 Premier League appearances, it’s a surprise clubs haven’t been in for him. The 31 year old (30 at start of game) has returned to football after a four month ban. I believe Daniel still has fuel left in the tank, and a good couple of years ahead of him. A two time Premier League winner is nothing short of brilliant, as well as being runner-up in the golden boot award with 21 goals in 2013/14.

An experienced striker, Sturridge still has fantastic attributes and can be a lot of use to many a team. Keeping him involved in the team and not missing out through injuries will be difficult, but if done correctly, you have a talented player at your disposal.

Daniel Sturridge likes to ‘Place Shots’, and with Technique (16) it is a reliable option for a striker. Other attributes which will help are Composure (16), Finishing (15), Flair (15), First Touch (16) and Off The Ball (15). Exactly what you want in a striker. 

Víctor Sánchez – Spanish – 32 Years old 

Víctor has spent a lot of his time at Espanyol and playing in Spain, unfortunately failed to be called up by the national team in his time. Sánchez is the perfect type of Spanish midfielder that you’d expect, a short passer, who dictates the game (see what I did there?) The Spaniard joined the club when Mauricio Pochettino was there and went on to captain the club. His leadership is one of the many fantastic attributes he has, making him an ideal fit for lower end Premier League clubs who want to progress. 

Playing regular competitive football since the 2007/08 season at Barcelona B team, Víctor has the experience on and off the field which will help players of all ages. Definitely one to consider for his off the field work too. 

The centre midfielder has brilliant attributes, and with him being a free agent, it’s perfect. Teamwork (18), Work Rate (18), Determination (18) and Concentration (16) are beneficial to a midfielder who can dictate the game. Passing (14), Stamina (14), Decisions (15), Bravery (15) make fantastic reading for someone who just sits in front of the defence.

I hope you enjoyed this Premier League Free Agents in FM21 guide. Hopefully there are a few players who are suited to you, and you sign them.

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