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Looking for the perfect assistant manager? That would make sense considering you’re reading an article about the best assistant managers in FM22!

Of course, you’re the gaffer but the increased staff interaction and re-designed responsibilities screen in FM22 means getting the right assistant manager is more important than ever.


Imagine this… you’ve made your dream move to the Big Apple and are the manager of the New York Red Bulls – okay, this may just be my dream job! – but don’t appoint the right assistant, and it all goes wrong.

It happens. Just ask Paul Cook!

What can your assistant do to earn his wage, I hear you ask?

Simply – it’s up to you! Want him to handle your team talks, he’ll handle them. Want him to handle training, he’ll handle that!

Fancy a nice long vacation to a sunny country instead of bothering with those pre-season friendlies? Just delegate them to your assistant.

Or maybe you just want him to do the default actions at the start of the game, that’s fine too!

He can be as involved as much or as little as you choose.
Make the most of your staff!

Best Assistant Managers in FM22

A list of people you should turn to for all levels, we’ve added a variety of assistants, not solely by attributes, so this list is suitable for different levels. Its also worth mentioning that just because by attribute they suit the assistant role, doesn’t mean they will accept your job. 

Name Age   People Management Tactical Knowledge Judging Ability
Hermann Gerland 67   16 10 16
Rui Pedro Silva 51   16 16 17
Richard Kitzbichler 47   17 14 17
Michael Beale 40   18 16 15
Paolo Vanoli 48   17 12 16
Javier Gracia 42   18 16 17
Adi Viveash 51   14 13 12
Bryan Klug 60   16 16 17
Marco Ianni 39   15 14 15
Gerhard Struber 44   10 14 12
David Bettoni 49   14 16 13
Kevin Keen 54   18 13 13
Jorg Sievers 55   15 12 16
Óscar Perarnau 47   14 10 14
Dean Rastrick 45   16 10 16

The way you decide to use your assistant is your choice and depends on the type of manager you are. Are you a tracksuit manager? Or a suit and booted manager?

Whatever you decide, make sure you choose the right person for the job!

Let us know on Twitter if you used one of our suggestions – and if it went well or if you ended up on the chopping board!

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Written by Luke Hume

Luke is the Assistant Manager at Dictate The Game, and he has been a trusted part of the team since joining in August 2016.

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