Dictate The Game – Podcast! News Announcement

We’re doing a podcast! A new step in the Dictate The Game team sees a few writers get together each week and discuss politics, the stocks and oh yes… Football Manager!

YouTube link:


Football Manager Podcast by Dictate The Game: Every Sunday at 6 GMT.
Football Manager Podcast by Dictate The Game: Every Sunday at 6 GMT.

Who’s involved?

Eric St Peter will be hosting the podcast; his history of radio and media really shone through in the first recording attempts and upped the production quality.

Ryan (original creator of DTG) joins us and talks about how he got the site sorted, taking a trip down memory lane for the new viewers of the site.

Dom and Luke, who both joined the team at the very beginning also join the show and talk about how they got involved, who will win league 1 next year and what to expect from the podcast.

Guy (FMVars) also joins us on the first addition of the podcast; he discusses his new article, how he got started playing FM and some ideas for the website.

Ihor (CrusaderTsar) also drops in to talk about his Dynamo project, and how he got started in the Football Manager community.

That’s it for the first article however other writers will be coming onto the podcast on other weeks depending on availability. Keep things fresh!

Of course we didn’t expect all four English teams to make the final four in Europe, but we can discuss that next week after we’ve stopped celebrating..

What will be discussed?

The podcast will be a way of us giving you guys information about up coming articles and a quick ‘in case you missed it’ chance for the best articles we produce. We will discuss things both Football and Football Manager. Whether its Yeovil’s relegation to the National League or Norwich’s promotion to the Premier it’ll likely be discussed on the show. Our team covers two continents and we will be looking to cover a variety of broad but interesting topics.

Also, over the summer we are looking to include more match engine/real time commentary from matches between players. Either in the lesser-used draft mode for Football Manager or a full multiplayer save between writers.

When will the podcast be posted?

The podcast will be posted every Sunday afternoon/evening. (6pm GMT) This is in sync with our writing schedule of Monday/Wednesday/Friday so our podcasts cover the weekend gap.

Where will the podcast be posted and shared?

The podcast will be initially uploaded to our YouTube channel which can be found here:

We will also be looking at uploading them to Apple Music, Sound Cloud and Spotify to increase our audience and listening platforms.

Why we decided to set up  podcast.

Our website is doing better than ever! We’ve got a fantastic group of writers and our fanbase is ever-growing as a result. We want to personify our writers a bit more so that when you are reading at home you can start to put name to face. For example: when one of us uploads a tactical article, you know it has come from our save that we’ve talked about on the podcast. Football Manager can be quite a lonely game in comparison to most franchises due to its focus on single player content. This will hopefully bring new life to the game if you listen as you play. We just want you to enjoy your game!

What’s different about our podcast?

We’re trying to cover a wide variety of topics, whilst also staying relevant and engaging with our audience. In comparison to other podcasts/fm groups we are quite a young group of players and writers. We haven’t all been playing since championship manager 1785, but we’re having a great time learning from the newer games. Also, none of us are Liverpool fans.

If you are interested in listening along head over to YouTube channel and have a listen there. If you like the podcast, please tell us! The only things we normally get back are clicks/view counts on our posts so to receive some actual feedback would be incredibly useful. If you have ideas for ways to improve the site, podcast or articles. LET US KNOW! We really enjoy making this content and if we can make it better for the viewer then we will take your feedback on and improve our posts.

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