Who Could Replace Sarri at Chelsea

It seems like Sarri’s days at Chelsea are running extremely thin, so who are the possible replacements for the Italian for Chelsea? I run through five candidates who could possibly replace him….

1. Jose Mourinho

The former Chelsea manager is currently unemployed following a two and a half year stint with Manchester United, who he lead to three trophies and a 2nd place finish last season. The Portuguese has a complicated history with the board at Chelsea, after being sacked from his role in December 2015, so a return could be unlikely, however he is currently living back in West London. Could The Special One return to Chelsea?

Chances of it happening: 5/10

2. Frank Lampard

One of the all time Chelsea great has started managing this season at Derby, exceeding everyone’s expectations, but could a return to Chelsea be on the cards? It would be a huge risk for the young manager and if the spell didn’t take off it may tarnish some of his legacy at the London side.

Chances of it happening: 3/10

3. Zidane

Zidane, a manager who won 3 back to back Champions League titles with Real Madrid is currently unemployed after resigning from the Los Blancos in the summer. Heavily linked with Manchester United, could the Portuguese sign for Chelsea instead? Zidane would probably want a team with Champions League football so it’s a no for me.

Chances of it happening: 5/10

4. Guus Hiddink

Probably the one that makes the most sense in this list, having already taken charge of Chelsea twice in 2009 and 2016 as interim manager, could he make it a treble this season?

Hiddink would be bought in to get them ticking over to next season and then a full time replacement would be made.

If Sarri gets the boot, this is the move I’m expecting!

Chances of it happening: 8/10

5. Brendan Rodgers

The former Liverpool manager seems to be in the running for every top 4 job going over the last year or so, having been linked to both Chelsea and Arsenal following the departure of Conte and Wenger respectively, but could the Celtic Manager move back to Chelsea?

He previously managed the clubs reserve team under Jose Mourinho, and has since gone onto manage 5 teams including his current stint at Chelsea, where he has a very high win ratio.

The chances of him leaving a pretty safe job at Celtic for a shaky one at Chelsea seems unlikely to me though so I don’t think this move will happen.

Chances of it happening: 4/10

Who do you think will be made Chelsea manager should Sarri get the boot? Will we see a third return for ‘The Special One?’ Or it will be a new completely new man in the dugout?

Let us know by tweeting us at @DictateTheGame!

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