Who’s the best at Football Manager? – FM19 mid-season records

So we’re at Christmas! Usually in a Football Manager game this is the mid-point of the season and usually at the point where we get a jump in player numbers (at Christmas) and then people get time off of work/school so they play a bit more. At this time I’m going to look at the records in the game on the official SI Games website to see who’s holding the records and whether any of you can beat these feats.

I will also be looking at these records at the end of the season to see if anyone can top any of the records. I myself will be (hopefully) submitting a few records to the site throughout the year to engrave my name in history.

At this link you can see all the records for yourself, but I’m going to look at a few specific records to showcase the level of competition this year:


Biggest Win: 20-0 by Zander86 managing BSC Young Boys

Biggest Win

Only a mere 1000 people witnessed possibly the biggest win in Competitive football in Football Manager 2019. Bare in mind that they were down to 10 men by 41 mins but that doesn’t take away from the incredible feat by Zander 86. They even missed a penalty too! It could’ve been 21-0!

Fastest Goal: 11 seconds By imjaykayy managing Arsenal

fastest goal

Baring in mind that the fastest goal in premier league history is Ledley Kings 9.9 second finish for Tottenham vs Bradford City in 2000. This is certainly close! I’m not sure how close you can measure this record but it would be certainly interesting to see if anyone can top it.

Most Red Cards in  a Match: 4 By Kaz Williams managing Hereford

Most red cards in a game

This record is particularly impressive because it wasn’t even as if Kaz Williams sent his team out to get 4 red cards, but the opposition Ebbsfleet United were so annoyed at the players tactics that they got 4 red cards via the AI. Miles and the team may want to have a look at this as it seems a bit of an anomaly. However according to this link (https://www.independent.co.uk/sport/football/news-and-comment/referee-brandishes-36-red-cards-in-one-match-2232288.html) they have nothing on the 36 red cards dished out in this 5th tier Argentinian match.

Youngest Goalscorer 15y 364d By Jamie Aubrey managing Clyde


Oldest Goalscorer: 39y 78d By panzerM managing Krumkachy Minsk


These records can be tailored to players who focus on both youth and experience, but the records currently stand nearly 25 years apart. I wonder if that gap will increase by the end of the Football Manager year?

Most Goals in a Season: 105 By djaftekurafe managing… Hashtag United?

105 goals in a season!

Thats right… djaftekurafe was in the Isthman League Division One South and a Regen called Jimmy Scally who looks way too good for his level scored an insane 105 goals in a season. His stats don’t look particularly impressive but if you compare it to players of that level he might as well be called Lionel..! Oh and thats not the only record that djaftekurafe has, if a player scored 105 goals who’s going to be providing the assists? Oh wait.

Most Assists in a Season: 54 By djaftekurafe managing Hashtag United

Most assists too.png

Not in the same season but a LEFT BACK NATURAL bagged a total of 54 assists in a season. Only two goals though so not much to write home about!

Last but certainly not least…

Most Records on FM19: ZodiacDK managing Everton

Most records on FM19

ZodiacDK also holds the records for Most Yellow Cards in a Season, Highest Career Average Rating for Club and Most Games without Losing. Giving the gamer 12 accolades in total. Its looking very difficult to beat, however I’m sure a long-term player with a one-club save lasting a fair few seasons could give this gamer a run for his money!

Also, I will be providing a list of records that have no records currently and are literally free to be beaten with any score whatsoever, if you feel like adding a record please feel free! They are:

  • Most Career Appearances for Club
  • Most Career Goals for Club
  • Most Hat-tricks in a Season
  • Most Different Hat-trick Scorers in a Season
  • Biggest Career Profit on Transfers
  • Biggest Career Spend on Transfers
  • Highest Total Number of Players Bought 
  • Highest Total Number of Players Sold 
  • Highest Total Number of Players Released 
  • Most Consecutive Champions League Titles 
  • Most Consecutive League Titles 
  • Career League Wins 
  • Career Cup Wins 
  • Career Promotions 
  • Career Relegations 

Definitely a few that can be claimed! Either by our readers or by others. I’m hoping that these will all be full come the spring/summer time.

Or for a slightly different record in game, why not go for the Longest Game of Football Manager ever? The previous holder Darren Bland held the record with 154 seasons in charge of Italian Serie A side, Fiorentina, before his record was broken by Oxford United fan Seb Keenan who had played a total of 170 in-game years as of 6 September 2017, managing teams such as Barcelona, QPR and Bristol City, as well as Oxford United.

However the current title goes to Football Manager fan Michał Leniec who now has the record for the Longest single game of Football Manager and a place in Guinness World Records: Gamer’s Edition 2019.

Link: http://www.guinnessworldrecords.com/news/2017/12/longest-ever-football-manager-game-reaches-season-221-and-nearly-700-trophies-504990  

Playing his beloved 2016 edition of the game since it was released in November 2015, the Lech Poznań fan from Poland has played for 221 in-game years – and his character is now at the age of 258.

If you beat a record or claim your own please get in touch and let us know! It’d be great to see the community adding a bit of competition between players.

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