Football Manager 2019 Guides | Youth Development

With the new installment of Football Manager, everybody wants to become the best manager of all time. That will naturally take time in game and requires lots of effort from players. These guides will help you to accelerate this process whilst we do the leg-work for you and give you the best tips for 2019.


These guides on Youth Development will cover all areas of the game regarding producing young players. I plan to make a few of these articles as covering all the information in one article might be a bit overwhelming! I plan to make guides on the following topics and will link them as I complete them:

1. Introduction: Regens/Newgens and Youth Ratings for top Countries and Clubs.

2. Scouting: Youth Intakes, What to look for in young players and how to sign them.

3. Facilities: How to improve your facilities to maximize your youth academy.

3. Development: How to grow and develop young talent and knowing when to offload.

Part 1: What are Newgens/Regens?

For those unaware, in Football Manager players will naturally retire due to old age in game. To compensate for this players are brought into each clubs youth academy on certain days each season. In older versions of the game the date was fixed but in later editions the date seems to fluctuate each year, for most European clubs its around early March. The players brought in are often referred to as ‘Regens’ or ‘Newgens’ due to their computer image.


Whilst they don’t look particularly human, the players will overtake the current series of players. This differs from FIFA as players aren’t literally re-created and you will always have an Argentine attacker as the best player in the world. The game generates players based on factors including country and club facilities.

As stated above, the game uses data about a country that the club is based as well as the club itself to generate players. For countries, its one variable known at ‘Youth Rating‘. This is an integer between 0 and 200, with 200 being the best and 0 being the worst.

Regarding clubs there are multiple factors that affect the current and potential ability of youth players. We are also unsure as to which factors have more of an impact. However those factors are: , Youth Facilities Youth Coaching, Youth Importance and Youth Recruitment.

Part 2: Top Countries to Scout




Youth Rating

Brazil South America 163
Germany Europe 155
Italy Europe 144
Spain Europe 140
France Europe 140
Argentina South America 140
Egypt Africa 138
Turkey Europe 124
Holland Europe 122
England Europe 120
Mexico North America 120
Nigeria Africa 120
Russia Europe 118
Colombia South America 117
Portugal Europe 114
Japan Asia 112
Belgium Europe 110
South Korea Asia 110
U.S.A. North America 110
Jordan Asia 107

The above graph shows the top countries in the world for producing raw talent, regardless of clubs. Therefore if every club in the game had the same youth facilities then this would closely resemble the world rankings.

However this raises some concerns; Egypt is significantly above England and Holland? Nigeria are above Portugal? Belgium have one of the best squads in the world and they are beaten by Japan? That is due to the other major factor: Clubs! This also explains why countries such as Sweden (Zlatan Ibrahimović), Ukraine (Andriy Shevchenko)  and Wales (Gareth Bale) occasionally produce incredible talent with less consistency.

Part 3: Top Clubs to Scout

Again, the four factors affecting youth development for clubs are Youth Facilities (YF), Youth Coaching (YC), Youth Importance (YI) and Youth Recruitment (YR) Each of these variables for each club is an integer between 0 and 20. As part of these guides I will be looking into how the four factors affect youth development.

For now though, I will list the teams with the best in each category, this means when I find my results I can use that list to suggest the best clubs to search. I’m assuming each variable affects the result in a different way. I’m looking to create a function in which you input all the data and it gives you a score. That score will tell you how good that club is at developing youth talent.


Youth Facilities:

In game, the actual values aren’t displayed, but text is used. The general progression of Youth facilities are as follows:

Poor > Basic > Below Average > Adequate > Average > Good > Great > Excellent > Superb > State of the Art

Clubs with the best Youth Facilities are as follows:

Youth Facilities
FC RB Salzburg Austria 20
Anderlecht Belgium 19
Man Utd England 20
Tottenham England 20
Burton England 20
Chelsea England 20
Man City England 20
CFFP France 20
FC Bayern Germany 19
RB Leipzig Germany 19
Sporting Portugal 19
SLB Portugal 20
Krasnodar Russia 20
Barcelona Spain 20
Basel Switzerland 19
Toronto FC U.S.A. 19
Dynamo Kyiv Ukraine 20

Youth Coaching:

Again the actual values aren’t displayed, but text is used. The general progression of youth coaching are as follows:

Minimal > Fairly Basic > Average > Adequate > Good > Excellent > Exceptional

Clubs with the best Youth Facilities are as follows:

Youth Coaching
Rapid Vienna Austria 18
FC RB Salzburg Austria 19
Deportivo Estudiantil Colombia 18
Envigado F.C. Colombia 18
Man Utd England 18
Chelsea England 18
Ajax Holland 18
Feyenoord Holland 18
Olimpia (HON) Honduras 19
CD Marathón Honduras 18
Sporting Portugal 18
SLB Portugal 19
FCP Portugal 19
FC Viitorul Romania 19
Barcelona Spain 18
R. Madrid Spain 18
IF Brommapojkarna Sweden 18
Defensor Sporting Uruguay 19
Danubio Uruguay 18

Youth Importance:

Youth importance has been harder to exactly pin down what it does, however I’m hoping that more on Youth importance will be revealed in my experiments in the next post. Also I think that this is the only stat which cannot be improved in the same way as facilities, recruitment and coaching as all can be improved via board requests. As 1000’s of clubs have the maximum value for this stat, it wouldn’t make sense to list them as it is a trivial case.

Youth intake

Youth Recruitment:

Unsurprisingly the actual values aren’t displayed, but text is used. The general progression of youth recruitment are as follows:

No (Youth Recruitment) > Limited > Basic > Fairly Basic > Average > Above Average > Established > Well Established > Extensive

This category is more common to have higher values. However I will list some notable clubs here, all of which having 20/20 youth recruitment.





River Argentina Renato Cesarini Argentina
Boca Argentina South Melbourne Australia
FC RB Salzburg Austria SAN Brazil
SPO Brazil Colo Colo Chile
Shandong China Shanggang China
Dinamo Croatia FC Midtjylland Denmark
OL France VfB Stuttgart Germany
Olympiakos Greece Cork City Ireland
Atalanta Italy Chivas Mexico
Rosenborg Norway Sporting Portugal
SLB Portugal FC Viitorul Romania
Celtic Scotland Rangers Scotland
Partizan Serbia Red Star Serbia

From this, you should be able to find some clubs that produce some good players, some clubs that aren’t on this list may produce better players, but these clubs will consistently produce the better players on average.

As I do more research into the youth development aspect of this game. I may revisit this article and update where I see necessary. Thank you very much for reading and I hope you learnt something new!

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