Football Manager 2019’s new features – and if they’re worth it.  

Football Manager is once again due another game in the franchise. On November 2nd. As always Sports Interactive have introduced new features to the game and they’ve created some videos on the new features.


Tom Davidson and Curtis Morton host The FM Show, which discusses FM19’s new features.

There is a new feel to the game, with new logo branding and merchandise. The much-loved ‘manager man’ retired and put you as the new manager adding more of a personal aspect to the game. They are offering 10% off the game as a pre-purchase, as well as access to the beta. However, I’m sure you can get the game for cheaper on other sites. The first video on their channel didn’t reveal too much information regarding new features, but they did announce that Football Manager are sponsoring Hashtag United, the YouTube football team that are attempting to take on the English pyramid.



The new interface for FM19

‘The game is a lot more purple now’.

They changed the colour and style of the user interface. Its what they do every year, but I can’t see it making a huge difference, unless you don’t like purple.

The Bundesliga is now fully licensed which is fantastic as now names, badges and kits are correctly named. A small but very useful feature.

They’ve added a new managerial introduction system to help newer players learn how to use the mechanics of the game and more advanced players learn the new features quicker.


Training has been revamped, but does more detail = better?

Training has been hugely improved which is a great change. They’ve changed the system so instead of 1 session a day, there are three which adds a lot more detail to the training schedule. You can tailor your training to big matches and you can even send players to do community outreach to enhance the club’s profile.

The team now trains in units, which helps as you don’t want to train defenders in attacking, but things like ‘chance creation’ are attended by both attackers and defenders but they’ll be doing slightly different roles.

You’ll also get a training rating report at the end of the week to show which players are working hard in training. Obviously more casual players can just leave the training to their assistant and ignore this more time-consuming feature.



Where are you off to mate? Left your car lights on?

Seriously they added VAR, to a computer game which should be always correct anyway. I’m very confused, does this imply that sometimes the game gets it wrong? Or is it a purely aesthetic feature that doesn’t affect the outcome. I don’t understand why this would become a ‘headline feature’ as it won’t change the match engine, just jumping on the bandwagon of people talking about VAR.


Tactics are looking fresh this year and it looks like they’ve put a lot of effort into redesigning how tactics are made and how you implement different styles in the game.


The huge difference this year is the fact that formations are more malleable; you can change how you set up both with and without possession and how your players react in the transition between the two. This gives you a lot more control when designing the perfect formation and can help more advanced players create detailed tactics. In the video they talk about the different styles and how to implement them. Also, the two mentalities ‘Counter’ and ‘Control’ have been renamed to ‘Cautious’ and ‘Positive’ respectively. This makes things a bit more transparent and is more universal in the footballing world.

Also for newer players, they have pre-set formations based on styles in the game as shown above. This is a great new feature as it helps less serious players also get involved and use the new features without having to spend hours on the tactical overhaul.


Yeah, a few changes to some roles, specifically Libero has been moved to Centre back, the defensive centre back and full back has been appropriately renamed ‘no-nonsense’ centre back and full back . Furthermore, defensive forward was renamed pressing forward.


Lastly, training has been integrated into this tactical overhaul and now you can really specialise in certain aspects of your tactics to ensure the players are following what you’re saying. I think this will be beneficial for players who play in a lot more depth than a more casual player, however they may use this in big matches/derbies.

More features will be announced on social media by the football manager team but so far this is all we have to work with. Hopefully they announce new features in the future.

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