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Football Manager 2019 will be out in less than two months, so it’s time to decide what league you should manage in. In this article, I will be suggesting five leagues you could manage in for FM19.



If you want a challenge on FM19, the MLS is a safe bet – with the salary cap, squad rosters, drafts and trading – it proves a good challenge even for a long-time FMer! Can you lead your team to MLS Cup?

Who should you manage in the MLS? The best teams are Atlanta, the New York Red Bulls and NYCFC. If you want a quick save, they are your safe bets. If you want to rebuild a MLS franchise from the bottom of the Shield – take a look at LA Galaxy, who have fallen away from their early dominance of the league, or maybe San Jose Earthquakes – regarded as the worst MLS team this season.

Welsh Premier League


The Welsh Premier League is another challenge – firstly if you start as a semi-pro team, can you become professional? Secondly, can you stop The New Saints (TNS), who have won every title since the 2011-12 season. With little income and no major TV deal bringing in the cash, can you bring home the title on a shoe-string budget? Or if you want a long-term save, can you win a European competition with a Welsh side?

With the likes of Connah’s Quay Nomads and Bala Town looking at turning professional in real life, can you create a profit in order to optimise your opportunities of joining TNS as a professional club and challenging for silverware?

English Premier League


Obviously, this is one of the easier leagues to manage in due to the large TV deals and income but there are plenty of good challenges in the Premier League. A few for example: can you take Manchester United back to the glory days? Or can you keep Cardiff City in the league? Can you survive the pressure of the Premier League or will you get the chop?

There are a few teams in particular which will offer different levels of ambitions. Look at Newcastle for example, working on a really small budget as Mike Ashley refuses to invest in the club. You could even take over Wolves, a team which recruited a lot in the summer and look like a really strong Premier League team.

English Non League


Another classic challenge in the Football Manager series is of course Non League to Legend. The save involves taking your non league club to champions league glory. Commonly in NLTL, you start with a Level 10 club, such as Halstead Town FC, Hashtag United (both of the Eastern Senior League) or Ipswich Wanderers (Eastern Counties Division One), and taking them up to the Premier League, ending when you win the Champions League. The save will take about 20-25 years, but at the end of it, is a good feeling!

Obviously the FM database only goes as low as the Conference South/North, but there are custom non league databases, and the most well-known is TheFMEditor Level 21 Database- which I commonly use for my non league saves. Having spoke to TheFMEditor he has confirmed there will be another lower league database for the upcoming Football Manager release, and we will be sharing it.

Ligue 2


The second tier, or as they say in France “le 2e niveau”, of French football. When we speak about French football, we think of PSG, Monaco, Nice and Lyon. But there’s a whole two divisions below Ligue 1.

Could you take them up to Ligue 1? Perhaps eventually you could even surpass PSG and Monaco and win the league? It will not be easy given the superpower of PSG, the money of Monaco too, but its a hell of a good challenge.

Or as mentioned in our Teams to Manage, you could go as Paris F.C. and claim back Paris from PSG.

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