Interview with Scotland Socca manager Jamie Leggett


Today we have a new insight into another branch of football called Socca. Only a year old, The International Socca Federation has their first World Cup in Lisbon; it started on the 23rd September and will last until Sunday.

As part of the build-up to his Scotland’s side monumental matches against Wales, Belgium and China in the group stages, we’ve gathered a few of Jamie Leggett’s thoughts. Ever wanted to know how Socca works, how it differs from football and how the managers make their decisions? We have the answers below.

If you have any thoughts on Socca, or any experience following it, we’d love to know!


The International Socca Federation  World Cup will be streamed live on the International Socca Federation website, which you can find at the bottom of this article.

Here is our brief interview with the Scottish coach:

So, the first question, what is the International Socca Federation?

The International Socca Federation operate international small-sided football competitions for both national and club team in the formats of 5,6, 7 and 8-a-side football.

Founded in 2017 by national operators of 5 and 6-a-side football leagues across Europe and Asia, ISF brings together the expertise of the industry’s leaders to launch the most exciting international small-sided football tournaments in locations across the world.

Any national level organisation which runs 5, 6, 7 or 8-a-side football leagues is eligible to register to join ISF and gain the licence to run their national team.

Once registered and approved, the licencee becomes the exclusive operator of their country’s national team and the only organisation eligible to represent their country in ISF world or continental Championships.

How did you become manager of the Scottish side?

I was chief scout for all the national teams and when the Scotland side didn’t have a manager for European championship 3/4 years ago, the company asked me to be manager for the tournament. We reached the quarter final afterwards they asked if I wanted to be full time manager which I was happy to do and enjoyed every moment of it.

How do you pick a squad? Do you get to watch videos of local sides or is it done by your own knowledge?

I am recommended players and know many of the others through 5-a-side tournaments. Most of the players play for a team called TMT, who’ve been highly successful over the years, and from there I’ll announce a squad of 13 players who I have taken to the tournament.

Whats your goals/aims for the upcoming World Cup?

The goals/aims for this tournament is like any other tournament you’re in it you want to win it, which will be very hard, but we’ll take each game as it comes and go from there

have you met or have you had discussions with people from the world of Football?

The ISF is the fastest growing sport; the official ambassadors of the sport include Ronaldinho and Roberto Carlos! In addition, there are ongoing talks with massive companies, which will help it grow. Mark Clattenburg, the former English referee, will be in charge of the first game of the group stage. That’s amazing for everyone involved!

Mark Clattenburg

Give us your background in football any playing days or experiences in Socca/Football?

I play for 5 aside team called International FC, who’ve been highly successful over the years and are still playing. I’ve also played and coached 11-a-side teams over the years and am currently playing for Forest Hill Park

What’s your ambition moving forward in football? Does your future still involve Socca?

As Socca grows, I believe my future will be within the company. I like 11-a-side, but my passion is Socca, which has taken me to amazing places. My experiences through it will live with me forever.

Do you think that Socca can grow as big as beach soccer and other branches of football?

Socca is one of the fastest growing sports in the world; I believe with the backing of superstars and companies it will soon be much bigger, and will gain more exposure to the idea of this wonderful sport.

Are there any rules that don’t apply in Socca that apply in football or vise versa?

Obviously, the pitch is much smaller, but the rules don’t change much.

We have two referees, who watch the game from either flank, along with a third referee who’s there for subs and other off field issues.

Games are 40 minutes long, with half time after 20 minutes.

No slide tackles are allowed.

There is no offside rule. That’s a massive change!


We wish Jamie and his team the best of luck at the World Cup and all of their future endeavors. We’d like to thank Jamie for taking the time to answer some questions whilst in Portugal preparing for the opening game against China at 10pm on Monday 24th of September.

Check out the official ISF Website:

ISF Website

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