Ruining English Football! – The Finale


To those of you who don’t know, about 6 months ago I started a very interesting save on Football Manager 2018:

  • Every team in the Premier League and Championship is given a 50 year transfer embargo.
  • I will look at the English Leagues, National team, European Competitions and then any other big news in the world.
  • I will make the save playable from every point I do an article for.
  • The save goes down to level 10 so any team that drops down that far should still be playable.

You can check out Part 1 here ->

It received a large amount of feedback but for some reason I never got round to finishing it! But the wait is finally over!

Here is an image of the top 4 leagues after the first season in game.

1st Season.png

Remember: Teams in the Premier League and Championship were only allowed to use players from their youth academies for 50 years, and here’s what happened:

Top 4 leagues

From left to right: Premier League, Championship, League 1, League 2 in 2067

The two teams left from the original Premier league/championship got relegated that season, meaning we’ve a completely different top division. Some very small teams that began in non-league football have shot up the leagues and done very well too! Again, the save is playable and will be available to download at the bottom of this article. Following are the next three leagues that were originally playable on FM18 however I’ve added a Level 10 database so you can manage right the way down in the lower leagues

Next 3.png

From left to right: Vanarama Conference, Vanarama National North and Vanarama National South

As you might notice, some teams are still missing! Guess you’ll have to look for yourself! Can you guess which team went down the furthest? It will be revealed later on!

Carabao Cup

Here are all the winners of both the Carabao Cup and FA Cup in that time. Notice how up until about 2030 it was still normal players which is roughly the time that all the clubs original youth players retired. Blackburn hold the record for the most time winners with 17 Carabao Cups and 21 FA Cups

FA Cup

Whilst that’s all well and good, the aim of this save was to see how this would impact both European Success and the national teams performance. So lets start with the Champions League.

Champions League winners part 1Champions League winners part 2

Whilst Real Madrid are still the most times winner with 16, Blackburn have won 13 already in a much shorter space of time. It took until 2041 for one of the English teams to win it and after that we dominated along with French sides. Dortmund had a brief spell of dominance but ultimately the embargo paid off for English sides as a whole.

What about the Europa League?

Europa League winners 1Europa League winners 2

After an early spell of dominance from (can I call them the original?) English sides, Wigan broke the barren spell in 2037 and after that went on to do extremely well, winning 12 of the last 20 Europa Leagues. We’ve also had lots of all English finals in both competitions too; 7 in the Champions League and 6 in the Europa League. In 3 years (2060, 2063 and 2066) England had all four finalists in the Champions League and Europa League. If anyone reading this is in the FA and wants some better results in the champions league, I have a solution! However it might take 50 or so years.

But how did England as a nation get on?



With this trophy cabinet I’d say not badly at all! Euros

Not much to rave about in the European Championships, with one win in 2032. Some interesting teams went on to do very well though!

World Cups

It was the World Cup that we dominated, 4 wins in total and 3 in 4 competitions. A third place finish at the most recent world cup in which we lost to Venezuela in the semi-finals who in turn lost to Greece! Its a strange footballing world in 2067 I’m telling you. Venezuela have also lifted the trophy, alongside Iran! Hungary had a good spell of players in the 50’s but ultimately couldn’t lift either trophy.

In the other European leagues, not much changed regarding their powerhouses, but I made this nice little graph to showcase the dominant forces of each league.

European leagues overview

Now back to England, firstly which team went the lowest? It was none other than Brentford! They went down to the Southern Counties East League Divison 1. They were non-league by 2030 and never recovered. That’s a fallen giant save if I’ve ever seen one!


And staying in England, here are all the clubs with a ‘rich’ financial status after all of this. I wanted to see which clubs would keep their wealth as they fell down the leagues and quite a few did including our palls at Brentford.  Loughborough University is an interesting one as they are technically an amateur club due to restrictions with the University. Therefore they can’t actually sign any players for money so their finances are always looking good.

Rich clubs in England.png

Oh and ever thought you’d see this as your biggest reputation clubs in England? I think I’ve broken the game!

Biggest clubs in England

And if you’re wondering which managers went on to do well. Joel Matip managed Manchester City and Blackburn Rovers and Emery stayed at PSG and dominated the French leagues and the rest are fairly self explanatory.

Managers Hall of Fame

So that’s where this save comes to an end! If you have any ideas on more experiments to do in the Football Manager games please let me know! I’ve loved trying this out and would love to do more of these in the future! Thank you so much for reading!

Here is the link to the save file ->

To load the file, save the downloaded ‘.fm’ file to Documents > Sports Interactive > Football Manager 2018 > Games

Then load FM and it should take you straight to create a manager, if not load the game through the load game function and you should see this screen:


Like my addictedness rating?

Then just press ‘add new manager’ in the top right-hand corner and you’re good to go! I hope you enjoy the save if you do download it but be warned its quite a large file as its 50 years of players so less powerful computers may have some problems with loading times. Only the English leagues are playable but you can change that in game as normal.


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