Interview With Tobi Adebayo-Rowling, Bromley Player

Here at Dictate The Game we were given the opportunity to interview Bromley’s latest signing, Tobi Adebayo-Rowling and talk about his aims for the season, living in Ireland and much more.

Tobi is a 21 year old, versatile full back, who also plays anywhere along the right side of the pitch. The youngster has a wealth of experience playing for Peterborough United, Sligo Rovers and Cork City. In his early career he was playing youth football at Brighton, Eastbourne Borough and then transferred to Peterborough United where he signed his first professional contract.

The London born full back is excited to start the season with The Ravens as they aim for promotion to the footballing league. We have twelve questions which Tobi kindly answered during this interview.

Tobi Adebayo-Rowling.jpg

Tobi playing at Sligo Rovers in his spell at the club. Image:

What are your personal aims for this season? Are you hoping that Bromley can clinch promotion this season in to the football league, after narrowly missing out last season?

“Yes of course the aim as a team is to get promotion with Bromley I know they are a great side with great ambitions and I want to be part of the team that gets them into the football league, my personal aims is to start as many games with Bromley as possible and be influential in all of them!”

Bromley finished the 2017/18 campaign just outside of the play offs. They finished 9th, missing out on the chance to be in the Football League by 3 points. It is no surprise that the addition of Tobi Adebayo-Rowling and Jake Goodman will strengthen The Ravens promotion ambitions. The club has already announced a very testing pre-season, where they will play Gillingham, Crystal Palace, Dulwich Hamlet and Cray Wanderers.

Your uncle Ditun Adebayo hosts the popular world football podcast on BBC, how has that affected the way you are looked at as a player, if at all?

“Hasn’t effected me in any way no one’s ever really mentioned it, I just sometimes get some positive stuff on Twitter from it but no one really knows!”

You spent a couple of years playing in the League of Ireland, first for Sligo Rovers and then Cork City. How does the standard of football differ from the Irish League to that of the English Leagues?

“I get this question a lot it’s so hard to compare the leagues, all I can say is the league of Ireland is massively underrated, you see players in the league get moves to teams in the championship and settle in there comfortably so there is a lot of talent over there. But on a whole it’s hard to compare, all I can say is there is many good teams in that league and don’t underestimate it!”

Following on from Tobi’s response, there are so many talented players who have moved from England to Ireland, and then returned a much better player at a club in which they might not be at, if they stayed in England. Notably, we interviewed Tom Smith which can be read here: Interview with Tom Smith, Swindon Town Player. He mentioned that Ireland was a fantastic experience, but challenging to be away from home, but ultimately helped him as a player.

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The 21 year old looking to escape his opponent. Image:

What was it like making the switch from England to Ireland and how did you adapt to the different culture, and are you glad to be back in England?

“The first few months when I moved out to Ireland it took me a while to adapt to the culture as I went from living in Brighton to living in the west of Ireland in a small village where there’s not much to do so that was hard but I got used to it and loved every minute of it. They are all so chilled and welcoming in Ireland, on a football level it took me a few games in the league to get my finger on it as I underestimated it again, as I didn’t think it was that good but it really shocked me and the tempo was quick and very physical but I’m buzzing to be back now so just want to hit the ground running.”

Who were your influences growing up? Is there any player you particularly base your style of play on?

“No one I base my style of play on because I used to be a winger so it’s changed so now I’m a full back, I just like to watch any full backs that like to get forward and learn my game off them, Kyle Walker etc.”

Even as a young player, everyone has to retire one day, have you got plans for post playing? Would you like to become a manager or become a pundit, or do you have plans outside of football?

“You never know what’s going to happen in the future but I’ve never been a manager type I don’t think so, but I’d like to do something away from football after I retire if I can, we will see haha.”

It may be a silly question to ask Tobi, but we really want to know if footballers have a back up plan if things don’t go the way that they envisage. We hear so many stories about players who go bankrupt or struggle after their playing career, so asking this question was something that we felt quite strongly about.

Even though you have just joined Bromley, have you got any future plans for future clubs, would you like to travel the world and play football? Or are you happy staying in England for the rest of your career?

“I would like to play somewhere in a different country come the end of my career, but again you never know what’s going to happen. The main aim now is to do well with Bromley and do all that I can to get Bromley promoted!”

Who is the best player you’ve ever played with/against?

“Played against and with loads of great footballers so far but I’ll always remember when I was on trial at Colchester we played arsenal reserves and Francis Coquelin was playing and he’s always stuck with me.”

Francis Coquelin joined Spanish club Valencia in January of 2018, for a fee around £14 million. The 27 year old French defensive midfielder played for France’s youth teams but has since failed to make a single appearance for the national team. Francis is of Senegalese descent, and would be eligible to play for the country, perhaps would have been considered for the World Cup in Russia.

Injuries have prevented Coquelin from reaching his maximum potential and unfortunately missed the final ten games of the season with Valencia due to an achilles tendon rupture injury. Tobi has played against some top players in his time, but to stick Coquelin as his best player he has played against is a bold statement, I wonder where he would be if he was less injury prone?

Injury strikes Frances, again. Image-

What’s working with Darragh Macanthony like?

“Only met Darragh Macanthony once and shook his hand but he seems a nice genuine man. He also loves youth and promotes them as much as he can so he was a big help when I made my Peterborough debut.”

Darragh Macanthony is the chairman and co-owner of Peterborough, known for speaking in public a lot. He has posted rants like this against his employees numerous times in the past, which is unlike most people in his position, despite the benefits of appearing more approachable. We were wondering how reflective this was of his real-life persona.

What’s the most important thing you learned throughout your career?

“Always remember to enjoy it and I remember how lucky I am to be doing football as a full time job. This is so true because even if I have a bad training session or whatever I’ll always remember that and how blessed I am, also I’m playing my best football when I’m most enjoying it.”

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Tobi smiling for the cameras during his spell at Peterborough United. Image-

You’re quite a versatile player, playing anywhere on the right hand side of the pitch. Do you think you attract more clubs because of this attribute you have?

“I’m not sure depends what the clubs looking for but I can play anywhere down the right!”

Finally, we asked Tobi if he played Football Manager. Unfortunately he does not, but we wanted to post his attributes on the end of the interview in any case. As a Football Manager and football website we only see this as the right option so we can look in more detail about Tobi as a player on the game.


This screenshot is from the game, before the official transfer has been confirmed. You can tell that Tobi is a physical player who likes to get forward with his most notable attributes being his flair, dribbling and passing. These attributes combined with his pace is something that gives Tobi the upper hand in the advancing positions on the field. The 21 year old is very well rounded for his age and current club. With a value at Cork of £115k and being so young, his potential may be unleashed with constant football at Bromley.

I would personally like to thank Tobi for firstly responding to our interview request and secondly for answering each question thoroughly. Tobi is one of the good guys in football and his future is promising, I can’t wait to watch the youngster grow as a player.

We wish Tobi all the best in his football career, I know for a fact we will be keeping an eager eye on his progression. I would also like to wish Bromley the very best in their season and promotion campaign.

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