The winter break is needed – the details & more


A new winter break will come into play in the 19/20 season – but will take place in February.

The Premier League and The FA officially announced on the 8th June that from the 19-20 season that the Premier League would have a two winter break starting in February 2020.

The winter break will only apply to the Premier League, and the league won’t completely shut down like other European leagues

The winter break will take place in the February of each season, and not during the Christmas period of games, so the traditional boxing day football match is safe, but in reality, it was never really in danger of going, as they are too financially important to lose.

How will the break work?

There will not be a complete shut down of the league like there is in Germany, instead the break will be structured so there is always football on. The break will take place over two weekends.

10 Premier League sides will play on the first weekend, and the other 10 will play on the second weekend.

Not only does this guarantee there will be plenty of football on during the break for fans to watch, this is also a very clever marketing ploy, which means there will be no reduction on sponsorships.

To start off with, the winter break will only be implemented in the Premier League, but I feel at some point, it will be implemented into the EFL Championship, but I can’t see it being added into League One or League Two any time soon.


The break will not be introduced to the second tier, Championship.

Will there be any changes made to allow the break?

The only change worth mentioning is that the fifth round of the FA Cup will now take place in midweek instead of a traditional Saturday, and that replays will now be scrapped, so if the scores are level after 90 minutes, extra-time and if needed, penalties, will be used to decide the winner.


The FA Cup will scrap replays and the fifth round will be played at mid week from 2019/20. (Pictured: 2018 Winners, Chelsea)

Will it affect the teams?

The teams won’t be affected majorly. A number of teams had breaks of 13 days between games in February last season.

Players will still have to train for the second game so it is not a full fortnight break either.
Teams on break will also be allowed to travel abroad for training camps, but at the present clubs will not be allowed to travel for tours in USA, Asia or the Far East.

Will it help England in major tournaments?

There’s no clear answer to this question, who knows if it will help England in the major tournament until it happens?

Numerous former England managers, including Fabio Capello,  have called for winter breaks are players are “tired” and “mentally drained” after a long Premier League season.

The first judgement whether a winter break will help England will be at the Euros 2020.

My personal opinion is that the break will help England in the tournaments, the players have just finished a long and stressful campaign with their clubs then they go straight to the World Cup, so personally I think the break will help the players be in a better shape both physically and mentally for the major tournaments.


Could a winter break be the answer to England’s problems?

Who’s for and who’s against the break?

Former England managers Sven-Goran Eriksson and Fabio Capello, both called for a winter break to be implemented during their tenures at the national team.

Manchester United manager, Jose Mourinho, said an interval should be introduced as the lack of the winter breaks were damaging English sides chances in the Champions League.

A notable figure against the break is current England boss, Gareth Southgate, who said “I don’t remember this debate happening when I was playing in 1996 and 1998” before adding “other people took the team, and suddenly it became part of the agenda”


Jose Mourinho believes a break is the answer to English clubs’ problems in European competitions

Why The Break Is The Right Idea

Although the break is controversial, I do think they have made the right idea of bringing the break into play from the 2019-20 season, players need these breaks to recuperate, and it should help the country in the major tournaments.

I also think they’ve made the correct decision not to follow the suit of leagues like the Bundesliga where the league completely shuts off, instead I think making sure there is always football on during the break is a great decision for the fans and marketing.

The one thing I want to see kept banned is that they’re not allowed to go on money-marketing tours to USA or Asia, the break should be a break not a chance to make a extra buck by playing a couple of matches in New York.

Do you agree with me about the break, or do you disagree? Well, we would love to hear your opinion, give us a tweet with your thoughts by tweeting us at @DictateTheGame.

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