One to Watch – Timo Werner (Germany)

TimoOverview of Player

Timo Werner is a forward who traditionally plays in a more central role but has often been deployed as a right winger when called upon by RB Leipzig this year. He signed for Leipzig in 2016 from Vfb Stuttgart in a deal thought to be worth just £10 million for a player who is fast becoming the hottest German prospect to start strutting his stuff in the World Cup.

This season alone he has appeared in 45 games for Leizpig and has scored 21 which averages out to around a goal just over every two games which for a player who is just 22 is no mean feet. He has also won the Confederations cup for Germany in 2017 in which he scored 3 goals and was able to bring home the Golden Boot award as well. This cup helped cement his place as a starter for Germany and his return of 8 goals from 14 games shows he is the level required to succeed.

Overview of Nation

Germany are no strangers to the grandest stage of them all with 4 world cup victories (admittedly these do incorporate West Germany’s victories) since the formation of the tournament. They are aiming to hold onto the trophy following the masterclass of their qualification with 10 wins out of 10.

They are currently number 1 in the FIFA world rankings and number 2 in the ELO rankings.

Despite their decimation of their group, they have faced a wobble recently losing to Austria 2-1 before a 2-1 win over Saudi Arabia. Despite this I believe Germany will have no issues in the tournament.

Performance of player in qualification

During qualification Germany only called Timo Werner up to the squad as late as June 2017. He made his qualifying debut against San Marino as a 55 minute substitute for Lars Stindl. Despite Germany smashing them 7-0, Werner was unable to get onto the score sheet. However, he started the next game against a strong Czech Republic team and was able to get onto the scoresheet after just 4 minutes with a well taken poachers goal. He then proceeded to score twice against Norway with one being a deft header. Out of the three games he played in during qualifying, he was able to get on the scoresheet 3 times. In addition to this he was also able to provide 2 assists which shows a return of more than a goal a game whenever he was selected to play.

Despite his unfathomable belief and drive to become a top player he still has weaknesses. One that is often exploited by a switched on back line is his poor sense of knowing when an offside trap is going to be played. This has been worked on as seen from his most recent game against Saudi Arabia where he beat the offside trap and scored on the 8th minute mark.

Despite his strengths and flaws, Germany are a very well oiled machine with depth in every positions. So whilst I do believe he can certainly influence Germany’s chances at the World Cup, I believe if he was to say get injured, it wouldn’t be the end for them and they would likely power through. I would say he’s around a 5/10 for how much he can influence Germany’s chances and I do however see him becoming a star player through his silky skills and finishing.

Why He Is One to Watch

Timo Werner is one of those players who you know is good, but don’t quite realise his ability until you see him skin the greatest players on earth and act like it was nothing. He is what Germany has been lacking for a while, an out an out forward full of pace and wanting to play centrally.


His pace is paramount to his style of play which involves him darting behind the opposition before they realise he was there. He was often caught out with his offside awareness but has been seen to be working on it during training and game situations.

Another part of his game that is top class is his skills, he is for a sense the most Brazilian style player Germany have. He has pace, skills and isn’t afraid to take risks. Whilst a contrast to the sleek yet sophisticated German side, he is the maverick that looks likely to entice all to be wowed by Germany’s football this year.

Video of player/compilation

FM Attributes


As you can see from the screenshot, he has his strengths in his physical such as his 18 acceleration and pace, he also has good off the ball (16). He also has a knack for finishing as seen by the fact he has been given 14 finishing.

This isn’t the only ‘One to Watch’, we are releasing a one to watch article for every nation in the World Cup. An hour before each team kick off their first World Cup Group Stage game, we will release that nations one to watch. These can be viewed here – One to Watch for all Nations in World Cup 2018.

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