A Norwegian Adventure – Bjerkreim IL

Bjerkreim are a football club basis in the the village of  Vikeså in the Rogaland County in Norway is the host of a football club named Bjerkreim IL who currently play deep in the Norwegian pyramid at level 6 in Group A, they are currently guided by English man and Youtuber Paul Wandless (@TN_TheNorthman) and thanks to the wonders of Football Manager (and hard work from the creators of the mod!) you can now Manage Bjerkreim.

So, as I’m sure you are assuming I gave this a go and have been slaving my way through the lower end of the Norwegian divisions.


I started in the 2018 season with a 24-man squad all on amateur contracts and a financial account reading roughly £2,000 in the back pocket and just one scout who could only find 10 players who would consider joining my journey.

I managed to secure just two signings of Daniel Simmonsen and Matias Aasen (below) who both carried the bulk of my goals throughout my journey, Aasen smashed in 24 goals in just 18 games in the Sixth Division alongside Simmonsen who bagged 13 for himself and a help from captain Clint Arne OCanada who also captured double figures for goals and assists helped gain a fast promotion without defeat and only dropping 4 points.

Berk player 2

Aasen at just 18 had already wrote his name in record books and wasn’t finished just yet!


Only the 2 draws both annoyingly falling against Lye who just survived the drop.


SEASON 2 – 2019

Division five didn’t stop the mighty Bjerkreim claiming a second title this time clinching 17 wins and 7 draws on their way to the title with another season without tasting defeat in the league.
Matias Aasen continued his goal scoring by burying 15 in 19 but we had a new unsung hero in town, Joran Vinningland (below) , Joran had an impressive season one but became the clubs most valuable player in the second season helping to keep the defence safe. His average rating had decreased season two but in our 4-2-2-2 formation where the Ball Winning Midfielder shined and became the star man in our charge to the top.


Joran is a Bjerkreim original has been promoted to Vice-Captain ready for Division 4


Bjerk season 2

Same old story for Bjerkreim the introduction of B teams began to be a thorn in my side.

At the end of season two Bjerkreim were on a real roll and I was shocked to read that our chairman had decided it was time to turn this club into a semi-pro side, all of a sudden our finances had greatly improved to a staggering £30,000 and I had been given a wage budget the same size as the clubs budget when I first started!

SEASON 3 – 2020 

Season 3 started with a few hick ups, losing 13 players from my first team leaving me with just 11 players heading into the last 2 games of pre-season.
However holding on to Vinningland and Aasan were huge for any further success I will come across, a difficult start seeing us travel to both recently relegated clubs Stavanger and Lura which saw us lose our first league game 5-0 and a 3-3 draw at Lura, these goals however are the only goals we have conceded this season.

Bkerf sason 3 current

The curse of Morten Gamst Pedersen has hit and the B teams continue to get in the rush for promotion.

The problem I have come across in Division 4 is quite simple… B teams or as they are called in Norway (II or 2) they not only are connected to some of the Premier League clubs in Norway they also have a tendency to take all my players and occasionally have some very big players, I was shocked to head into my game with Haugesund to find Morten Gamst Pedersen lining up against me.

My plan for the current season is just to sit comfortably and enjoy this division, a promotion would be an issue as the league above have players on £100-£300 a week where my highest earner is just £50 pounds a week. So I’m hoping to have my first real cup run this season after never progressing past the third round and try to bring in some more money so I can eventually make the step up.

So, that is my story so far! Want to hear me make sure you come back to www.dictatethegame.com to see just how far we can go in our journey to the top of Norway and possibly Europe?
Interested in learning more about Bjerkreim IL feel free to follow them on twitter @BjerkreimILor their manager @TN_TheNorthman or visit http://bjerkreimfotball.no/

You can download the database used here: Norwegian Database

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