Ruining English Football! – Part 3

So for those of you who have been living under a rock for the past few weeks, over at Dictate the Game we’ve doing a little experiment, where by the following occurred:

The basis of the experiment is:

  • Every team in the Premier League and Championship is given a 50 year transfer embargo
  • I will view do progress updates at 10/20/30/40/50 years
  • I will look at the English Leagues, National team, European Competitions and then any other big news in the world.
  • I will make the save playable from every point I do an article for.

Please check out Part 1 here – > Ruining English Football! – Part 1

and Part 2 is here – > Ruining English Football! – Part 2

Last time, Blackburn went on a binge of 9 titles in a row, England won two world cups and since then, some things have changed a lot, and some haven’t really changed much at all.

Here’s the latest Premier League and the last few winners… oh dear.


Blackburn have now won NINETEEN titles IN A ROW! After Artur Boruc retired, Joël Matip took over and this looks like something out of a save where someones been cheating! Easily one of the biggest and best clubs worldwide. The top 10 clubs are all teams that aren’t originally Premier League teams but I’m amazed that Brighton have managed to stay so high for so long!


Here are the results from this years Championship, League 1 and League 2 respectively. Loughborough University have still survived in the Championship and Yeovil town ARE STILL IN LEAGUE 1!

champ 1 2

As well as the Varanama Conference, North and South! Decided to split it up so that it was easier to see, thank you for the suggestions on Reddit, Twitter and Facebook!


I couldn’t see any teams go much lower than this, if you can’t find any teams please feel free to leave a comment and I’ll follow up on them!

Onto the cups now! Whilst Blackburn have won a fair few cups as well as their 19 titles. A recent win for Walsall but other than that its been Blackburn all the way!


However at the end of the last part, the big question on my mind was whether the English clubs would start to kick on in Europe and they’ve definitely done that! Blackburn have won 4 of the last 10 and won the last 3 in a row! Wigan and Portsmouth have also had victories in the Europa League.


Unfortunately, the incredible John English retired at 37, just a year after the last part, he decided not to venture into management and will easily become the greatest England player to never have lived, nobody has even come close to John’s record of 159 goals in 174 games for the Three Lions.

John English

Keith Hart would have been 36 at the time of writing this piece, but in peculiar circumstances he has retired at 34! He went to Paris, won two World Player of the Year awards but retired worryingly early!

Keith Hart

But back to England now, and despite Blackburns surge of dominance over the world, Englands luck has been hugely lacking! Nothing has been won in the last 10 years and we’ve hit a dry spell! Arron Bentley has been at PSG after joining from Liverpool and won a few World Player of the Year awards but failed to make it count on a national front.
Arron Bentley

However this lads looks incredible, and I think with the right training (at Blackburn Rovers) he could turn the country back into the powerhouse it was in the 20’s and 30’s


For reference, here are the current top 20 teams in the World, Hungary have really shot up the nations and so have Scotland, Venezuela and Iran! England have been 3rd for a while. Hopefully a new manager comes in and rediscovers their form!


There are a lot of good youngsters coming through the England system and with regular first team football I can see them all becoming very good players!

This save is currently available to play from this link ->

This link expires after 30 days, if you want the save after then, please leave a comment and I’ll see what I can do. I’m hoping by then I’ll have released the next part!

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5 thoughts on “Ruining English Football! – Part 3

  1. Matt Baker says:

    I’ve had a look round the save myself and I’ve found a few notable teams who have fallen way below what you’d expect of them. Teams that have dropped out of the vanarama include: Bolton, Burton, Preston North End, Huddersfield, Sheffield United, Barnsley.

    The sorriest sight I’ve found however is Brentford. I believe its better for you to see what has happened to them yourself, as words cannot describe the predicament they’ve ended in!


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