Tottenham vs Juventus : A match review

Spurs have had a better European season than last season by far, they pathetically crashed out of the champions league group stages without a whimper.

This season they finished top of their group, while also beating Dortmund and Real Madrid. So it seemed promising when they fought back to a 2-2 draw with Juventus.


Just before kick off

Spurs started over very strongly, they kept winning balls and Juventus just couldn’t really get into the game at all.

Kane should have finished far better with one of his shots. I was disappointed on how he played all evening  I thought he was really quiet . Son should have put the hosts in front as well early on but missed by inches.

Juventus occasionally threatened Spurs goal, and they should have had a penalty in the 20th minute mark or so. Vertonghen brought down Douglas Costa in the box and Spurs were incredibly lucky.


Spurs players celebrating the all important goal


Son broke the deadlock! Spurs were in the lead, and surely they were going through now? Spurs fans were in dreamland.

The referee blew his whistle for half time not long after and I think a lot of people expected spurs to go through now. Including myself, I really thought they had a good chance to advance to the quarter finals for the first time since 2010.


The second half was a completely different beast. Spurs from the get go, sat back constantly and eventually Juventus punished them.

Roughly on the hour mark, Higuain punished Spurs when he flicked the ball past the keeper.  Dybala minutes later killed Spurs chances completely when Juventus took the lead. And spurs really didn’t recover, Trippier for me was at fault for both goals. Spurs for me relaxed far too much, they simply thought they could waltz past Juventus.

Spurs didn’t realise till it was far too late and only around the 80th minute mark did they decide to try and get a goal back. They were however incredibly unlucky when Harry Kane’s header bounced off the inside of the post and went across the goal line.



Juventus punished Spurs’s mistakes.

Shortly after that the referee blew his whistle and Spurs had been knocked out. And this comes to a point I want to bring up. This is why as it stands Spurs won’t ever be with the top dogs of Europe. They don’t know how to stop ‘doing a Spurs’. That Wednesday night showed the difference between the two teams mentalities. One team knows how to win these type of games, the other doesn’t.

Until Spurs get that sorted they won’t ever be competing with top clubs in Europe, new stadium or not.

Let me know what you think in the comments below. Do you think Spurs have a mentality they need to overcome or not?

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