Millwall vs Sunderland :A match review

I had been looking forward to this match all season, for years when you said the words ‘I’m going to The Den this week’ would strike fear into every parent and anyone who knew what Millwall were like. Known for their hooliganism and violent fans, they had a and still have a reputation in the football league. Fortunately they’re q shadow of their former selves  they’re not longer what they once were. Instead they were last known for sticking the v’s up at Leicester fans in the FA cup last season.


Obviously had been watching too many Danny Dyer dvds

I’m particularly scathing of Millwall because I was expecting a good, hostile atmosphere. Instead I got a half empty stadium (Yes I know it’s ironic I a Sunderland fan talk about half empty stadiums) and angry teenagers in Stone island gear waving rude gestures towards us. Pretty much pantomime stuff really, very disappointed. However the 2000 odd away support were loud as ever, on a cold, snowy Saturday with delays everywhere up and down the country I thought it was outstanding


Singing from Kick off all the way to the end, the away following is one of the few things left to praise about Sunderland currently.

Anyway as the team news was announced, everyone was questioning why Steele was playing, mind you all 3 of our goalkeepers are absolutely awful so it’s basically try and pick the best of the worst really. Still though, I thought Steele was the worst keeper we had



Sunderland started off kind of nervously I think, Millwall were comfortable with the ball, but as the first half went on, we saw more and more of the ball. Managed to win a couple of corners  On the 31st minute, a nice one two from Oviedo to Mcgeady on the edge of the box. Oviedo took the shot. Goal! Limbs everywhere in the away end. The home fans didn’t like this and proceeded to boo.


Sunderland have scored a goal away!! 


At half time, I was counting in my head how many points we’d need to stop up now. Yes I was probably getting overexcited, but I was trying to stay positive.

The second half we played awfully, we kept sitting back and eventually the inevitable happened. Couldn’t clear a Millwall corner properly, Hutchinson tapped it in and scored. Millwall fans instead of celebrating charged towards the ends of the stands to wave more rude gestures towards the Sunderland fans


After that we didn’t really threaten Millwall at all, Steele had an amazing game, and made quite a few important saves. However Sunderland are down. Our defence has cost us 6 points in two weeks (technically 9 if you include the Villa match from Tuseday ). We cannot be playing for a draw any longer. We need to go out and aim for 3 points. We’re 4 points behind (5 if you include goal difference ) Barnsley and I can’t see where our next win is going to come from.

I’d be happy with a draw if we were comfortably safe, but we’re not. We’re on the verge of league one football next season. It’s the beginning of the end


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