Interview with FoxInTheBox

It’s been a while since we last uploaded an interview, so we thought we’d come back with one of our favourite content creators in the Football Manager scene. As the title may already suggest, we are delighted to announce our interview with none other than Leigh aka FoxInTheBox.

Fox Interview

I stumbled across Leigh’s YouTube channel by a stroke of luck and never looked back. The thing that stuck out for me with Leigh was his willingness to try something that wasn’t the normality, for example his Nike Academy save where his aim was to replicate the real team and give players who perhaps didn’t make it at academy level another opportunity to proof themselves. To put this in to perspective, before the save was even created he had to create the team, get the players, research the philosophies behind Nike FC, add them to a league, create kits amongst several other elements. All of this before Leigh presses record, there’s no doubting his dedication to the game and the wonderful sport we all love.

For the people who may not know you, could you introduce yourself?

Hello! The names Leigh, or on social media FoxInTheBoxFM.

Are there any features in FM19 that you are looking forward to or can see being big changes in the game?

Training, it really needs a revamp. Right now it’s boring, ignored and uninspiring. Arguably training is the largest aspect of any football club, it’s disappointing that in FM it’s so underwhelming.

Opinions on the following ideas being in the next game: – Women’s Football – VAR

I’m a huge advocate for Women’s football but in FM it’s going to have to be a no for me, it’s not large enough, yet! It’s the same with being able to manage a Club under 23s side. The interest really isn’t there for SI to invest time in it away from their main game. Think how much work it would require? Even it it was to be included eventually, it’s going to take a substantial amount of ground work. A difficult task.

VAR? Not a clue, not really crossed it in real life yet, however, FM tends to give you the right decisions 9 times out of 10. Right?

Football’s VAR: The Story So Far

VAR in action.

I (the writer) personally disagree with Video Assistant Referee’s. I believe it takes the experience of making odd errors, rather than trying to perfect a game. I mean, put this in to perspective, your team is drawing in a final 1-1 and your team scores a goal, you start celebrating, the referee reviews the goal, your adrenaline has gone, it just doesn’t seem right to change something that isn’t broken. It also reduces the amount of debates in football and like I mention earlier, makes the game more perfect and reduces the amount of 50/50 decisions.

Have any of your FM saves ever made you start following a team? I remember in 2015 I did a Feyenoord save that went so well I ended up buying a kit and still follow them to this day!

Every save! I’m a secret Crewe and Plymouth fan, really like Lyon and Marseille and more recent 1860 Munich and now Casa Pia! Also it’s made me a huge fan of player, shoutout to Tielemans, Wener and Stanly!

Have you ever managed your favourite team on FM – do you enjoy it more than managing a team you have never played with before? Would you ever manage your rivals?

Never managed Watford, couldn’t face being a failure ha! As for rivals nah, I’ve enjoyed random teams more recently in obscure leagues. England gets a little boring in the end.

FM YouTube is seen as a niche community but with two channels with over 50k, the community is growing, why do you think this is?

I’ll be honest, I’ve fluttered with YouTube a few times, but the platform is difficult for FM, lets be honest it can be a boring game. But the couple of really successful channels are that for a reason, they bring the game to life. As for it growing more and more, I don’t know, but good luck to those trying.

What is your process when deciding what team, you are going to start with for a series? Do you have a list of teams to choose from?

Recently I’ve loaded up a couple of random nations, gone through a couple of different teams, looked at them as a club and then googled the history to try to make a connection. That’s how I ended up with the current save with Casa Pia.

Casa Pia’s trophy cabinet.

It seems FoxInTheBox found his right club, and may need a bigger trophy cabinet because this is getting ridiculous. He is now 17 years in to his save, that is also insane.

What are some of the most overrated, and underrated, tools on FM18?

Overrated? Difficult, most things are useful. Underrated I’d say talking with players outside team talks, but that’s been underrated for years.

What is more important when it comes to getting views on FM videos: making them fast-paced and entertaining, or making them as informative as possible?

I’d say a balance, but then that balance is difficult to find. There are creators solely dedicated to educational videos, and others that are based around story telling both have a place, but rarely do they overlap. Find what suits you and run with it, but think outside the box, don’t follow the norm. Finally, and most importantly, don’t worry about the views, worry about making your new video better than your last.

What would be your dream job Leigh, I know that you have experience with coaching before – is this something you’d like to take up again?

I was fortunate enough to find myself in a brilliant coaching position around lots of great people, but after 12 years of dedicating my life to it enough was enough, it tires you. Plus it has to be more than a passion, it has to be an obsession! As for dream job, umm, coaching isn’t it. I’d going to be generic here and say something that keeps my engaged and excited, whatever that is i’ll take!

Although this isn’t coaching, it could be a start to Leigh’s journey as a full time content creator/streamer. To be #1 most viewed streamer in a certain area is fantastic, well done Leigh.

What was the reason behind you wanting to create content to broadcast on platforms such as YouTube and Twitch? Which FM was the first Football Manager you played, and what was the reason behind playing the game?

I’d played FM for years, never knew of an online community! I was a late bloomer in terms of the internet, never owned a phone or anything as a kid, just loved being out and playing street football! During 2014 I found Twitch and a couple of streamers, liked what I saw, then started to understand the game a little more, previously I was just a click and play gamer. This then moved into YouTube and Fansites, found some really cool people and as my real life coaching wound down I found myself playing FM a lot more, I guess that filled the void! Starting YouTube and then Twitch naturally followed. I guess it’s that competitive part of me, felt I could ‘do it better’…now i’m just happy to be a part, and glad I stuck it out in the early stages! The reason I actually started playing FM is fairly well known, blame my uncle!

How did you get into coaching, how have you found it, and what were your experiences like with taking coaching badges, if you have any?

I began coaching because I was socially awkward and realised it was a way to interact with people and develop my social skills, I grew up around and playing football so was already comfortable in talking football. A couple of local older folk took me under there wing with a local under 8’s side at 17 years old and it grew from there. I’m a UEFA B Licenced coach, something i’m proud of, though I don’t necessarily agree with the view the FA take on how children should be coached, it’s too ridged and forced, I always preferred a more organic and natural route, let the kids work it out, breed thinkers and problem solvers, something us as a human species are quick too coach out of people.

What are your thoughts on the current manager of Watford (Javi Gracia), and does he compare well to Marco Silva?

I know nothing of Javi, he seems to have got a faltering Watford kinda playing again! In terms of Silva, he’s miles better, as Silva evidently didn’t want to be here.

Marco Silva, ex-Watford manager.

It’s interesting to see Leigh have these opinions regarding Watford. I am an Everton fan and would love the opportunity to have Marco Silva being in charge over Sam Allardyce, but then again, I think most people are in agreement that Sam isn’t the right man to be in charge at Everton. However, looking it from a Watford fans perspective, I must agree he didn’t look like he wanted to be there, and that ultimately cost him his job.

What has been your most enjoyable save on Football Manager?

Most enjoyable is easily my current save with Casa Pia. 15 seasons in we’ve rose the ranks from Semi-Pro to Pro from the depths of Portuguese football to the summit of the NOS, it’s not been without trouble though, we’ve nearly quit 3 times! Hence it’s name ‘The Casa Pia Struggle’…now we’re trying to break the European scene, but with a limited budget it’s difficult. I could ramble on about this save for days, so much has happened and it’s been so much fun!

Leigh’s Casa Pia’s success.

This is a screenshot of FoxInTheBox’s current save with Csa Pia, he has won the treble this year and won the league by a country mile. It’s not hard to see how successful he has turned the club and why it’s his most enjoyable save.


We would also like to express our interest to our viewers about a Charity football match that is taking place on May 5th at 3PM. The event will be a yearly event and it’s a great opportunity to meet all your favourite FM content creators, including special guests. The game will be played at Leamington Football Club’s stadium, New Windmill Ground. The match is in aid of War Child and you can find more information at the website The FM Charity Cup.

Leamington FC’s home ground, New Windmill Ground

We would like to say a massive thank you to Leigh for taking time out of your busy schedule to answer our questions. It was a massive privilege on our behalf to have the opportunity to speak to FoxInTheBox. We wish Leigh every success in the future and can’t wait to see his career develop. Everyone here at Dictate The Game are avid followers of Leigh so it will be no surprise when his career takes it to the next level.

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