Ipswich Town Need Change!

It has been sixteen long years since The Tractor Boys last graced the promised land – the Premier League. It was a short but sweet stay, playing in Europe for the first time since the mid 80’s, but the next sixteen years have seen the Blues stuck in the second tier of English football. A new owner came in, but investment has dried up, mid table finishes have dominated the last decade, its time for change at the club.

Sir Bobby Robson turned Ipswich into an European superpower in the 70s and 80s, winning the Texaco Cup in 1973, the FA Cup in 1978, the UEFA Cup in 1981, and coming to close to win the title in 1980-81 and 1981-82. After Robson left to manage England, Town fell out the top division in the late 80s, and spent time in the Second Division before winning promotion to the inaugural season of the Premiership, before ultimately falling out the Premiership a few years later. After year after year of play off losses, George Burley (who was now ITFC manager) finally led Ipswich back to the big time.

Town would go on to defy the odds and finish 5th in the Premiership, qualifying for the UEFA Cup, unfortunately, this wasn’t too last as the club went down the following year, and fell into administration. The next 15 years have seen the once great club stuck in the Championship, and mostly midtable finishes.

This season was be Ipswich's 16th year

There’s a huge divide between the fans and the manager, Mick McCarthy, and the owner, Marcus Evans, due to a lack of investment by the owner over the last few years. Change is needed.

Ipswich need a new owner, a owner who cares about the club, and who wants to see the club promoted back to the Premier League, as it is pretty plain for many to see that Marcus Evans is not interested in promotion, only to retain Championship status, whilst spending as little as possible.

When Evans purchased the club in 2007, over a decade ago, fans were optismic about the change in ownership, fans chanted “We’re F**king Loaded” and burnt money on social media. Ten years later, the mood in the Ipswich camp have changed, fans want Evans to sell up, citing a lack of investment, and they’re not wrong.

2014-15 was the clubs’ most successful season in over 10 years, making the play offs for the first time under Evans’ tenure, and the truth is, fans look back on it as what could have been. During Christmas 2014, Ipswich sat in the top two, and were on top form, and it looked like Ipswich could finally return to the Premier League, fans expected investment from Marcus Evans – not 50, 60 million – 10 million or so to buy one or two good players to push us past the line and return to the big time. No investment came. Ipswich just made it into the top 6 before losing in the Semi Finals to local rivals, Norwich.

Serious change is needed at this football club. A new owner is needed. A new manager is needed. New players are needed. The fans want a return to the Premier League, and we need someone who shares our passion.


5 thoughts on “Ipswich Town Need Change!

  1. pbray30 says:

    I find it amazing when an owner comes into a club and promises the world, only to go back on it and end up being resented by the majority.

    Ipswich’s decline is very unexpected, they’ve always been a good, well run club but it seems that’s all gone wrong. Hopefully they can get new investment in and push back on to the Premier League


    • dtgluke says:

      I hope so, like i said in the article, investment should have happened in January 15 when we were 2nd in the league, but he was tight and didn’t invest.


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