Ticket prices : Surely twenty is plenty?

A Couple of seasons back, the Premier league announced for the 2016/17 season, there would be a price cap for away fans, you see before away fans were being charged as much as the home club would set. For example, you could be paying £50+ to go and see Man City, that’s expensive enough, but when you’ve got to throw on the money for travel etc it starts to get outrageously expensive. So a price cap was set for £30, meaning that no matter who your team played it would only cost £30.


Football fans protesting for cheaper tickets.

Unfortunately, the Football League is a separate entity and the same rules for the price cap didn’t apply to any of the teams from the Championship all the way  down to League 2.  For example Norwich charged Sunderland £35 for an adult ticket back in August. Now luckily I came in under the Under 22 bracket which means I can get in at a respectable £25. But you’d think with how far Sunderland fans had to travel etc. Norwich would be a bit more lenient? I’d be asking the same about my club as well, it seems doing a bit of research that Sunderland charge around £25 for an adult ticket, which I think is very reasonable.

I was going to go to QPR away with Sunderland in a couple of weeks, but they’re charging £34 to watch them, now I’d have probably gone but I’ve got Millwall away and Derby away to go to. If I went to all 3  games within those weeks I’d be looking at £142 including travel, and Sunderland fans who have to travel all the way from Sunderland are probably looking at an even more expensive journey, But let’s see what happens if the prices were capped? It’d come to £80. Still expensive but far more affordable than £142.  Even if I just went to QPR, I think it’s incredibly expensive to watch Championship football.

Surely, there needs to be a price cap? I think it’s outrageous for  clubs like Sheffield Wednesday to charge away fans £42 for a match day ticket, now to put that in to perspective, the tickets to the Spurs vs Manchester United tickets, front row seats for the Manchester United fans were £30. So for £12 less you could watch a top of the table clash between Spurs and Manchester United.


Front row seats at Spurs vs Manchester United.

So what I have done is emailed every club in the championship, asking why they charge so highly for away fans, I am hoping I get responses, if so I’ll have a follow up article and maybe have some insight  to why they charge as high as they do.

I hope you have enjoyed this article where I talk about my personal experience with ticket pricing as a Sunderland fan. What are your thoughts and opinions regarding ticket prices to watch football games? Let us know, either by commenting on this article or tweeting us @DictateTheGame.


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