FM18 Regen Guide: Countries and Clubs

I have recently created an update to this article for Football Manager 2019! You can find it here:


Many football manager players will spend countless hours searching the obscure leagues for the perfect regens and young players, as part of this guide I will be showing you how to speed up that process, find better players and look in some surprising places.


This is actually something I made back in 2015, highlighting my favourite players from that years edition, the different between the real players and regens if fairly noticeable.

For those unaware, in football manager players will naturally retire due to old age in game. To compensate for this players are brought into each clubs youth academy on certain days each season. In older versions of the game the date was fixed but in later editions the date seems to fluctuate each year, for most European clubs its around early March. The players brought in are often referred to as ‘Regens’ or ‘Newgens’ due to their computer image.



Many players know that FM doesn’t just randomly give smaller countries good players, in fact each country is given a “Youth Rating” score which seems to affect the quality of the regens produced by this country. The value of the youth rating does not seem to change over time in game, which implies that these scores are fixed. Here are all the teams that have scores over 100. The highest possible value is 200 and the lowest is 0.

Country Youth Rating (0-200)
Brazil 163
Germany 155
Italy 144
Spain 140
France 140
Argentina 140
Egypt 138
Turkey 124
Holland 122
England 120
Mexico 120
Nigeria 120
Russia 118
Colombia 117
Portugal 114
Japan 112
Belgium 110
South Korea 110
U.S.A. 110
Jordan 107

This should show you some countries that you should definitely be scouting, the higher up this list the better. It comes with some surprising results too, for instance England are lower on the list than Egypt and Turkey, and Nigeria and Mexico are higher than Portugal. The reason that this isn’t a list of how good the players are is because another factor is in play: the quality of the clubs in the country, which leads me nicely on!


For this part of the guide it will be explaining different levels of each stat affecting youth prospects. In the next part of this guide I will look into exactly how each stat affects the players.

In the editor, where I have done a lot of my research so far, for each club there are four scores that I think affect how good the players are:

  1. Youth Facilities


Youth Facilities  Comment in game
1-3 Poor
4-5 Basic
6-7 Below Average
8-9 Adequate
10-11 Average
12-13 Good
14-15 Great
16-17 Excellent
18-19 Superb
00:00 State of the Art

Manchester Cities “State of the art” facilities                                     

List of teams with State of the Art Youth Facilities Nation
FC Red Bull Salzburg Austria
Man Utd England
Tottenham England
Chlesea England
Man City England
Burton England
SLB Portugal
Krasnodar Russia
Barcelona Spain
Dynamo Kyiv Ukraine
 List of teams with Superb Youth Facilities  Nation
Vélez Argentina
Melbourne City Australia
KRC Genk Belgium
Standard Belgium
Anderlecht Belgium
Everton England
Southampton England
Brighton England
Middlesbrough England
Leverkusen Germany
Bayern Germany
Hoffenheim Germany
RBL Germany
Dortmund Germany
München Lions Germany
AZ Holland
Ajax Holland
Feyenoord Holland
Roma Italy
Juventus Italy
Pachuca Mexico
Sporting Portugal
FCP Portugal
Ajax CT South Africa
Real Madrid Spain
Basel Switzerland
Philadelphia USA
LA Galaxy USA
Toronto FC USA
Sporting Kansas City USA
Shakhtar Ukraine
Metalist Ukraine

Youth Importance

Youth importance has been harder to exactly pin down what it does, however I’m hoping that more on Youth importance will be revealed in my experiments in the next post. Also I think that this is the only stat which cannot be improved in the same way as facilities, recruitment and coaching as all can be improved via board requests.

Youth Coaching

Youth Coaching Comment in game
1-2 Minimal
3-5 Fairly Basic
6-9 Average
10-13 Adequate
14-16 Good
17-19 Excellent
20 Exceptional

Ajax have produced some incredible players over the past few decades

List of teams with Exceptional Junior coaching Nation
Ajax Holland
 List of teams with Excellent Junior Coaching  Nation
FC Red Bull Salazburg Austria
BATE Belarus
Hajduk Croatia
Dinamo Croatia
Brøndby IF Denmark
Man Utd England
Chelsea England
AZ Holland
PSV Holland
Feyenoord Holland
Maccabi Tel-Aviv Israel
Sporting Portugal
SLB Portugal
Leiria Portugal
FCP Portugal
Braga Portugal
Barcelona Spain
R. Madrid Spain
Malmö FF Sweden
Basel Switzerland

Youth Recruitment

The wording in game for youth recruitment seems to be affected by youth importance but the general trend is:

No youth recruitment -> Limited youth recruitment -> Basic youth recruitment -> Fairly Basic youth recruitment -> Average youth recruitment -> Above Average youth recruitment -> Established youth recruitment -> Well Established youth recruitment ->Extensive youth recruitment

List of teams with Extensive youth recruitment Nation
River Argentina
Vélez Argentina
Boca Argentina
Anderlecht Belgium
SAN Brazil
SPO Brazil
Brøndby IF Denmark
FC Midtyjlland Denmark
Leverkusen Germany
Stuttgart Germany
Olympiakos Greece
PAOK Greece
Ajax Holland
Roma Italy
Atlanta Italy
Chivas Mexico
Pumas Morelos Mexico
Sporting Portugal
SLB Portugal
Partizan Serbia
Red Star Serbia
Barcelona Spain
A. Bilbao Spain
Basel Switzerland

A lot of popular teams appear on these lists, but some fly under the radar and could be producing your next top talents. Would definitely check out teams in the less popular leagues as they are likely to be convinced to join your club.


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