In memoriam: Liam Miller

Friday the 9th of February, Liam Miller sadly passed away after a short battle with pancreatic cancer. He was 36 years old.

Liam had played for a variety of teams, including Manchester United, Celtic, Sunderland and QPR.


Liam playing for Celtic

He started his career with Celtic, becoming a very important player for Celtic, after a fantastic performance against Lyon, this prompted the manager at the time Martin O’Neil wanted to offer a professional contract to Liam so he could build a team round him. Unfortunately for O’Neil, Liam chose to move to Manchester United.


Unfortunately for Liam he didn’t get much play time. He only played in only 22 games, during the 05-06 season he was loaned out to Leeds, scoring vital goals against the likes of Southampton

In the season of 06-07, he joined Sunderland a team looking to stop from dropping to league one. But we ended up winning the league and Liam was a vital member  of the team that helped us win the league that season.

He’s the type of player we’re missing now. He was vital the following season as well, scoring against Middlesbrough in the dying seconds  to get a very important point for us.


Liam Miller celebrating after scoring past Middlesbrough.

He was one of my favourite players growing up, while I do have memories of the Reid era, Roy Keane’s promotion team is probably one of the best memories I’ve had supporting Sunderland. When you had players like Liam who ran their socks off, it really made you feel proud to watch Sunderland and he gave everything.

Another thing which is sad is two players  from the same Sunderland squad have now passed away. Marton Fulop sadly died in November 2015 of cancer, and now sadly Liam has also passed away.


Rest in peace Liam. Thank  you for the memories.


Please feel free to donate to Cancer research with the link below

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