We need to talk about Sunderland

I begin this article with a rant. Sunderland are being run into the ground by Ellis Short. No matter what he says or Martin Bain says we are in trouble. The fact we’ve now got a manager who has the quality to get us back up to the Premier league but has been given no money whatsoever is shocking. IF we get relegated, I can understand if Coleman walks.


Ellis short and Martin Bain are killing  our club

The game at Middlesbrough and the Cardiff game were prime examples of why we need transfer money to get the players Coleman wants.

We’re currently £173 million in debt, heading possibly towards league one and with no potential buyers I’m concerned for the future of the club. Attendances have dropped significantly, and if we get relegated will drop even further, people are slowly getting sick of the club, and we’re in danger of losing a generation of football fans.


Attendances have been  dropping since the end of last season. 

I mean if you were 7 years old and your first potential game was losing 3-0 to Fleetwood with 15000 other Sunderland fans, you really wouldn’t enjoy it one bit whereas our neighbours up the road are having troubles themselves, they’re still in the Premier League, the 7 year old would much rather watching Sanchez, Aguero, Kane and De Gea instead of watching John Stead run wings round us as Bradford slot 2 past us.


It’s even slowly affecting our away fans, who more often than not sold out each time we travelled away, even when it was inconvenient, and I can completely understand I’ve seen some absolutely pathetic displays from Sunderland away this season.


We can’t just sit there and accept relegation, Bain came out with. Protesting is the answer to show people we aren’t happy with the current situation, you’d think the empty seats would show that but instead it’s used as ‘banter’ to show how ‘poor’ fans we are.

So what does Martin Bain think about protesting?

[Martin Bain, MB] said he can understand fans frustrations and anger and why there would be calls to demonstrate. If fans want to protest with the aim of pushing the owner out, then it is common knowledge that the owner is willing to sell the club should the right offer come in. If protests are against him or the “regime” then it’s part and parcel of the job he’s paid to do. The CEO asked that any potential protesters consider the impact such may have on the young players who are already going through a hard time and any demonstrations won’t help confidence or performances on the pitch. Chris Coleman is working hard to keep us up and he believes the manager has started to instil real change in the dressing room. MB said he would also point out that protests only play into the hands of the opposition.


This was at the fans meeting last week, now while it’s important to have a positive atmosphere for the youngsters who are trying their hardest, I highly doubt it’ll effect them that much, they’re professionals.

This is just scratching the surface regarding our club, next time I’ll be going into more detail with our finances and how Short has been with his money and how much yes funded managers.


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