Are Leeds falling apart again?


“Leeds are falling apart again”

I’m sure when Thomas Christansen goes home, he takes a look at twitter and notices Big Trev from Beeston has asked him to resign for the fourth time this season, but he doesn’t realise that Big Trev is the ultimate expert on Leeds United. His last visit was in 1974 but he’s supported the club since 1962, you know?

People like Big Trev, well frankly, they can piss right off. 

Leeds are a team that people love to hate, no one likes us & I’m 99% sure that half of the time, our own fans don’t even like us. The early season optimism has slowly vanished, some rather strange decisions and some questionable tactics won’t have helped.

Our discipline has been slack recently, 3 red cards in 3 games. Whats that about lads? Talk about leaving us short. Eunan O’Kane, Samu Saiz & Liam Cooper all serving suspensions. Let’s take a second to talk about Samu Saiz shall we….


Samu Saiz

The little magician proved that he’s not so magic, didn’t he? A 6 game ban for spitting at an opponent is a fair punishment, he apologized and the club & player have moved on from the incident, but just how much of an impact has Saiz made for us & how much have we actually lost from not having Saiz in the team?

Watch any of the Leeds games that Samu has featured in & you can see the lads talent, he’s almost an entire step above everyone else that steps onto the pitch and he’s an absolute pleasure to watch, the near entirety of our attacking play runs through him, his signing was a stroke of genuis. But, it also came with a massive risk, like all signings I suppose.

Without Saiz in the team, we lack so much and it was evident against Ipswich and Millwall, 2 teams we should’ve beaten pretty convincingly. We need another player like Samu, Alioski has slipped away, Pablo is getting on but still produces magic, but Samu, he’s a player thats hard to find. Ask any Leeds fan who they’d put first in the 11 & 99.9% of them will say Samu Saiz.


Victor Orta; The Director of Football

The Orta Effect

Appointing a Director Of Football isn’t always a good thing. Infact, its been more useless than useful for Leeds. Several of the Leeds signings have been underwhelming at best, after a blistering start they’ve just faded off. Signings like Mateusz Klich, Cameron Borthwick-Jackson and Vurnon Anita make no sense at all.

I actually liked the Anita signing, but we’ve not played him. When we have, he’s been either left or right back & been pissed over all game. He looks out of place in defense, with the suspensions we have in midfield, why not play him in his favoured position?

Cameron Borthwick-Jackson, what a shithouse he turned out to be. Literally the most pointless signing we’ve made. I’ve never seen a player look so uninterested in his job in my life. His performances were disgraceful when he played, the loan was cut short & we signed De Bock who can play in the left back role.


Jay-Roy Grot; 6’5 at 19

Jay-Roy Grot has had a fair amount of stick from the Leeds fans too. The lad is 19 years old & get’s given 10 minutes yet I’ve seen people like Big Trev saying “He’s a disgrace, he makes no effort, he does this or does that”. Jesus, give the lad a break. Loan him out for the rest of the year, give him a run of games and watch him come good when he returns.

The last signing I want to talk about has to be Yosuke Ideguchi, The 21 year old Japanese international who wouldn’t qualify for the FA’s work permit, then did qualify so we loaned him out anyway….. WHY?!

Ideguchi is the type of player we need in midfield right now, Eunan O’Kane has been poor and is currently suspended, Kalvin Phillips is a liability at best who again, is suspended, it was an odd choice to loan him out but the weirdest thing is, its to a team we’re linked with who are fighting for relegation in the Spanish Second Division. again…. WHY?!

 I’ve read the words “weak, spineless, not capable” words that I disagree with, but most of the players signed under Orta do need to step it up a gear. We’ve made things far to easy for the opponent’s over the past few games & it’s not fun to watch.

The signings


Pierre-michel Lassoga

Since he’s joined Leeds, we’ve seen glimpses of form that nearly earned him a Germany cap. Although he looks about 43, he’s only 26 years old and does possess a vast amount of talent that is yet to be shown. He’s shown he can finish, some of his goals so far have been great but it’s his fitness and inconstant form that are the issues. Saturday, he earned a standing ovation against Millwall, absolutely running himself into the ground which is all that Leeds fans want to see.


Mateusz Klich

An established Eredevisie midfielder with Twente, yet to get his chance at Elland Road. Is this an example of when using a Director of Football goes wrong? Klich has taken to twitter to vent his frustrations with some childish gifs, I can understand his frustrations though. A loan would be a good option for him with several clubs reported in his services.

Screenshot from 2018-01-21 14.43.44

Egjan “Gianni” Alioski

His early form captured the Leeds fans hearts. An impressive season for Lugano prompted Leeds to move for the Leeds wingman. Giving him credit, he runs & runs, he’s not afraid to challenge and can only get better BUT I hope his performances improve.


Part of me wants to say that Leeds are indeed falling apart again, but I don’t actually think we are. We’ve got a good squad, a good manager & a good owner. The fans are constantly backing the team and we’re currently 10th. We had a huge dip in form but suspensions and injury’s haven’t helped us at all. so……..



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